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Getting Away On ‘Highway Love’ With Chris de Sarandy

Getting Away On ‘Highway Love’ With Chris de Sarandy


It’s 3 AM, you’re wide awake with thoughts racing in your mind, you’ve tried so hard to sleep but it’s been a restless night. You’re staring up at the dark ceiling that’s lightly lit up by the streetlights outside. Thoughts from the day, the week, the month, and the past year that have haunted you are popping up. After a few moments have passed by, you realize you have a decision to make. Do you grab your things and leave in the night as a way to start over? Knowing that decision will cause a drastic and immediate change in your life. One you’ll have to explain to others later. Or do you stay, let the thoughts take over and never take the chance of getting on the road and going?  Chris de Sarandy knows this experience all too well. In his new single ‘Highway Love’ off his upcoming EP, Know Your Worth, he created a whimsical and wanderlust track about going after something.

Running after something, falling in love with heading towards the unknown. That is a risky thing to do as it is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, getting away sometimes is the best thing you can do for yourself without having to explain your reasons to anyone else. Meanwhile, there is the negative side of having to explain your why, easing worries, and facing how your need to get away impacts others.  

At the end of the day, the urge you have to grab your keys, your bags, and any personal belongings and get in your car to start anew is real and tempting. The internal conflict that comes with that is also real. However, all good things come with risks. The singer-songwriter Chris de Sarandy does a great job telling this narrative in ‘Highway Love.’  

So, get in that car, and turn on your headlights to brighten up the road. Play ‘Highway Love’ to hear Chris de Sarandy’s amazing voice set the tone for your journey. It’s time for a new perspective; you might just love what it turns out to be.  

‘Highway Love’ Is Our Map To A New Destination

Immediately as you hit play, you will hear the piano, which is the heartbeat guiding the track. To repeat what was mentioned before, the message embedded in the song is a double-edged sword. The piano is brilliantly matching that feeling. It’s both melancholic and upbeat. In other words, it’s bittersweet, raw, and beautiful. 

Chris de Sarandy in ‘Highway Love’ dives headfirst into that feeling of continuously searching for something to feel better while feeling antsy being stagnant. The motion to go forward is bittersweet. Getting on the highway is a symbolic metaphor. A highway presents the ability to progress forward at full speed. Through your review mirror, you can look back and vividly see what you left behind. Along the highway, you’ll have options to exit and options to turn around, and go back. Being on the highway driving away, in essence, is a cleansing experience for Chris and the listener.

That is best heard when Chris sings, “This highway love, I’m sobering up. No, it won’t be enough that I’m sorry now. I’m sorry now.” ‘Highway Love’ is a song that simultaneously feels like it’s a reflection of the past decision, actions, words said, etc., while also being present as you’re actively on the “highway.” When Chris sings, “change of hearts like the seasons,” reflects not only the way that you can change your mind but you can also change your route. We know so many ways we could change our lives, and Chris is giving us the confidence to do it. 

The “I’m sorry” in the chorus is less regretful but more guilty of not explaining your actions before you made a decision. It’s a complicated chorus of mixed emotions. It’s a wonderful chorus as it reflects the real internal conflict in the bittersweet reality.

“The chorus is this waking moment of seeing everything in a better light than before when everything was kind of blurred in a way.

Chris de Sarandy

Chris encourages in a hopeful way in the song in the lyricism, his voice, and the music composition that it’s ok to leave for yourself. It’s ok to say sorry, and it’s okay to move along.

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Chris de Sarandy Teaches Us With ‘Highway Love’

‘Highway Love’ is a song that is pining after a new experience which represents Chris’ experience of moving from the UK to Berlin. Chris taking the chance to go to Germany. Getting away from the UK and falling in love with Berlin thus, impacting his music career. Once was thought to be a temporary change and became a better permanent shift.

For you, who knows what the possibilities are?! Chris gives us an important lesson through his personal experience all of us need to think about. We all have conflicting feelings about something, not always about getting away, but ‘Highway Love’ is moldable to other circumstances. ‘Highway Love’ can be a career shift, moving out of state, telling someone you love them, the list goes on. Whatever your ‘Highway Love’ is, you have to resolve that conflict. 

Truly, we are in awe of this song! ‘Highway Love’ is an emotional song that many of us can relate to in some capacity. Chris de Sarandy did a wonderful job sharing his experience and making it relatable. Seeking out a new personal journey sometimes is the right step we have to take. Let’s get into the great unknown, it’s scary, but at least we have Chris de Sarandy with us. If you’ve been looking for a sign to take the risk you’ve been considering, this might be it! We know you’ll love ‘Highway Love’ and Chris! Perfect timing to become a fan ahead of the Know Your Worth EP release on April 28th.

After you listen to ‘Highway Love’ and get into your feelings, we need to know what you think about the song and Chris! Leave a comment below about your thoughts and where you’d take your ‘Highway Love’ to. Or find us on our socials to share your thoughts. You can find us on Twitter @thehoneypop, Instagram, or Facebook. To seek out a new personal journey in music, you have to check out more of our faves; you won’t regret it! 


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