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Maisie Peters Is The Definition Of Divine

Maisie Peters Is The Definition Of Divine

Our love for Maisie Peters is not something we ever have or would try to hide. We love the way she embraces growth and transformation through her honest songwriting and storytelling. It’s like snuggling up on a couch with your bestie at a sleepover and dissecting every detail of your lives since you saw each other last. And in her classic rebirth style, Maisie has been teasing her album The Good Witch like crazy using Tarot Card like imagery. So following in our bestie’s footsteps, we want to talk about some of Maisie Peter’s songs that embody Tarot Cards as well. Let’s get started!

‘Lost The Breakup’

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The Ace of Cups holds the promise of the start of something new and beautiful, normally in a relationship sense. This can mean romantic, platonic, yourself, etc. And in this case, we think that ‘Lost The Breakup’ channels the energy of falling in love with yourself. Maisie reminds us that losing you is nothing but that – a loss. Inevitably that person will take a look at what they gave up and beat themselves up for it. And sometimes people like to play comparison games post-breakup. Whether you vibe with that or not, this song is ready to help you choose you.

‘This Is On You’

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This card gets a bad reputation from its name alone, but it actually resembles the end of a cycle that no longer serves you. So basically, it’s Maisie’s card. ‘This Is On You’ feels only right to pair with this one, however. This track highlights the moment when you finally walk away from a situation that was taking far more than it was ever willing to give back. And regardless of how many times they come crawling back because they always come back, you get to laugh and say, “This is on you.”

‘Good Enough’

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Alright, besties, whip out those tissue boxes, and let’s get personal. The Three of Swords is all about hurt and betrayal. It signifies experiencing deep hurt, disappointment, and removal from the world around them. ‘Good Enough’ understands this kind of hurt a little bit too well. Hearing the line, “I was good, just wasn’t good enough,” was the moment we knew we needed to simply text our therapist the song so they knew what to expect when we see them next. The feeling of being left behind by someone you love, or being left out in the cold, is a pain we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies.


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You know what? You should f*ck their life up as a ‘Blonde!’ Maisie would absolutely love that for you. And so would the Justice tarot card. This card is about a lot of karmic rights, and one of those is getting what you’re owed. When you see it in a reading, it means you did the work, and now you will see the payoffs. There’s nothing that some bleach, a good outfit, and hard healing work can’t add to self-esteem to create the energy within this track. And regardless of where you are on your healing journey, you can always turn this one on to the celebrate the strides you’ve made!

‘John Hughes Movie’

Image Source: VirgoGem via Pixabay

The Moon is one of our all-time favorite tarot cards because it’s all about something we know all too well – delusion. This card shows up to remind you to focus on the reality of a situation. Sometimes the idea of what something could be, what someone could be, is far greater than the actual outcome of the matter. This isn’t an easy thing to accept in any situation. Thankfully, Maisie gets that and wrote ‘John Hughes Movie’ all about the realization that this romance you idolized isn’t going to pan out how you thought it would.

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What do you think of Maisie’s dedication to growth, honesty, and powerful lyricism? And how psyched are you for the release of The Good Witch on June 23rd? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Or you can let us know by sending us a Tweet on Twitter @thehoneypop! Or you can let us know on Instagram or Facebook!


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