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5 BLACKPINK Music Videos That Prove They’re Fashion Icons

5 BLACKPINK Music Videos That Prove They’re Fashion Icons

If you’re anything like us at THP, then BLACKPINK aren’t only all over your mind and playlists, but also those Pinterest boards full of outfits you swear you’ll recreate one day, even if you have approximately -4 of the items you’ll need to do that. It’s okay, no shame here, we all have those boards! Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are ambassadors for brands like Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Celine, but even when they’re focusing on their musical talents, their unique energy and passion for fashion shine through. Here are some of the most stylish BLACKPINK music videos to prove it!

‘Kill This Love’

Yes, we’re still dreaming about the utilitarian, combat-ready outfits the girls wore throughout this video! They match the themes of ‘Kill This Love’ so well, and we love how there were more neutral options as well as those bold red ones that complement the passion and frustration of the relationship in the song. That’s not even touching on the effortlessly cool black and pink outfits they wore in the graffitied alleyway toward the end of the video. So much inspo here!

‘Ice Cream’

Since BLACKPINK work with such chic high-fashion brands, we usually see them in sophisticated outfits with a more mature vibe. It was so fun to switch things up in the ‘Ice Cream’ music video, when they wore all sorts of bright colors and bold patterns! Some of our favorite moments include Jisoo’s rainbow crochet dress, Jennie’s fluffy crop top, Rosé’s orange plaid co-ord set, and Lisa’s white shirt she wore with gold chains in her solo scene. They truly have the range!

‘Lovesick Girls’

Yet another aesthetic under BLACKPINK’s belt! The ‘Lovesick Girls’ video had us in love with its more grunge-y influence, combining acid wash patterns, harnesses, and animal prints. Our lovesick girls also gave us some preppy vibes à la Clueless with a twist for the paintball scene, playing with cutouts, pinstripes, and plaid in a refreshing way. They may be “still looking for love,” but we’re still looking for a way to make these costumes part of our everyday wardrobe.

‘Shut Down’

Something just hits different about those styling moments where each member of a group gets their own unique color, and that’s especially true for the signature outfits from ‘Shut Down’ – Jisoo rocks a rich blue, Jennie turns heads with bright red, Rosé wows with a light green jacket, and Lisa stuns us all in sky blue. And we know there were a bunch of Easter eggs on the signs in the street scenes, but we were too busy staring at the edgy, eye-catching outfits the girls were wearing to notice all of them. Sorry, not sorry!


Ah, ‘Dx4,’ you were truly the blueprint! BLACKPINK didn’t just shake up the K-Pop industry when it came out, they also shook up the fashion scene. And for good reason, because these outfits are still some of the most iconic style moments of the Pinks’ career. Between the strong statement shoulders, shimmery sequins, and checkerboard patterns, every second of this video was a visual treat for Blinks and fashion lovers everywhere!

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Now we wanna hear from you! Which of these videos’ styling is your favorite? Do you have any all-time favorite BLACKPINK outfits? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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