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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Frawley Is Going To ‘Figure You Out’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Frawley Is Going To ‘Figure You Out’

Get ready; if you’re not already a fan of Frawley, we think she’s going to skyrocket right to the top of your stan list. We caught up with this rising star to cover everything from her new single release to her K-TV debut!

If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ve spent a lot of time listening to ‘Crying My Eyes Out’ and well, doing just that. Frawley hit us right in our feels and has had a tight grip on them ever since she dropped the song. After perfectly describing the shock of seeing an ex moving on, Frawley has once again managed to capture our emotions down to a tee with her new single ‘Figure You Out.’

‘Figure You Out’ is nothing short of pop perfection. While the tune and instrumentals are upbeat and make us want to dance around with the song on full blast, the lyrics also manage to capture those intense feelings of confusion and frustration that come with modern dating. Is it really that hard to say what you mean? Apparently, for some people, it is, and Frawley has channeled all our feelings about it into this cathartic song. It will be on repeat, that you can be sure of.


it’s getting hard tryna figure you out #popmusic

♬ Figure You Out – Frawley

If you want to learn even more about our new favorite songstress, keep reading as we cover everything you need to know!

‘Crying My Eyes Out’ is so relatable it actually almost hurts a bit to listen to. Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song?
So I wrote this song after a night out with my friends. I was down bad trying to get over a guy I was head over heels for, and they wanted to cheer me up. But we ended up seeing him out that night with another girl. My heart dropped to the floor. I was out trying to get over him while he was out trying to get under somebody else.

You recently did a stunning live performance of ‘Crying My Eyes Out,’ everything was so gorgeous, from the vocals to the set and your look. How involved are you when it comes to the creative process for your performances and releases, and what’s your favorite part of it?
I’m a very hands-on person, especially when it comes to my vision, releases, performances, etc. I know who I am as an artist, I know the story I’m trying to tell, and I know what I want. I feel like my head never stops when it comes to creative ideas that I have for myself, so being part of every aspect of the process is super important to me… considering no one else can see inside my head lol. I swear I have Pinterest boards for days of inspiration!

A lot of your songwriting feels personal and, at times, almost like talking to an old friend. How does it feel to put out songs that feel so intimate?
It’s always so scary when it comes to releasing a song. For some reason, putting my pen to paper and singing my thoughts into a microphone is so easy for me, but the second the song no longer just exists in my world and becomes everyone’s, it’s scary. That being said, I’m learning over time that my experiences, although they feel so unique to me, are pretty universal. So many people can relate to what I’m going through, and if any of my music brings a sense of comfort or healing to someone other than me, it’s so worth it.

A lot of us at THP have found different paths to working in the music industry, was being an artist a passion you found more recently, or have you always known that this was your calling?
I started singing the summer going into kindergarten. I knew from the very second I started lessons that I wanted to be an artist and that there was never going to be a plan B.

Your writing for your own music feels personal to you, but you’ve also had success writing for other artists and working with icons including Bebe Rexha and Tate McRae, too. Do you prefer to write alone, or are you more of a fan of collaborative songwriting?
It all depends on my mood and what I’m going through. I love to collaborate with other artists, writers, producers, etc. because almost always, I find myself coming across a new fresh melody, perspective, or even sonic elements that I would’ve never found writing on my own. Then, on the other hand, a lot of my own personal songs start with me sitting at my piano late at night (usually in my feels) and coming up with a few lyrics/melodies that I later bring into a session to finish.

You’ve got some incredible covers online, from Paloma Faith to Kelly Clarkson and Lewis Capaldi. There are so many good ones to pick from, but if you could collaborate on a song with any artist dead or alive, who would you pick and why?
The list is endless, but to name a few… I would kill to do a song with Post Malone. I saw him live back in 2018 and instantly became a massive fan. His voice is everything. The same goes for Hozier. His voice and lyricism are unmatched. If I could write with anyone right now, I would say I’d jump at the chance to get in a room with Jack Antonoff. Collaborating with him seems like it would be so cool. Everything he writes is GOLD, and I’d kill to watch/be a part of his process.


the only exception ✨ this song breaks my heart i stg 😭 the full cover is on my youtube!!! #singing #cover #heartbreak #onlyexception #vocals

♬ original sound – Frawley

Speaking of collaborations, we’re big K-Pop fans here at THP, and we absolutely loved ‘Girl In The Mirror.’ How did that collaboration between you and Hong Jin Young come about, and what was it like making your Korean TV debut?
I’m a MASSIVE K-Pop fan. Getting to collaborate with Hong Jin Young and performing in Korea with her was an absolute dream. She reached out to me after hearing a few of my songs. She sent me ‘Girl In The Mirror’ and asked if I would be down to feature… of course, I was down!

From your social media, you seem like so much fun to hang out with, and we might’ve noticed a prank phone call or two on your Instagram, so we have to ask, what’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled off?
Omg, I like to say I’m the queen of prank calls. I used to do them all the time with my friend Jordan when we were little, but the most recent one was the one from my Instagram where I called my friend’s friend and convinced him that we had met the previous weekend at a bar in NYC and that he said he wanted to take me out on a date. None of that actually happened, but he completely believed me and assumed he was just too tipsy to remember. It was so funny.

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Other than ‘Crying My Eyes Out,’ if our readers are new to your music, what song would you recommend they listen to that most reflect you as an artist and why?
That’s so hard to say because every song of mine reflects a different version of me and my story, but ‘Austin’s Song’ is one I find really special and gives the listener a different POV of my life. It’s about/for my little brother, who is my absolute world. The song talks about him growing up and the challenges that come with that. It warns him that life won’t always go according to plan, that you might grow out of your friends and you’ll definitely have setbacks, but inevitably everything will be fine. To go easy on yourself.

As we enter the second half of 2023, are there any big plans for the rest of the year that you can let us in on?
I’ve been working on a lot of new music over the last year and a half. I’m super proud of the music that’s coming! It’s a new era for me. Can’t wait for you to hear it.

Okay, we have to end the interview there because we’re struggling to see our laptop screen through our tears after watching the ‘Austin’s Song’ music video. The love is so palpable, it takes an amazing songwriter to make us feel like that. BRB, we’re going to go call our siblings and tell them we love them. You should too, and once you’re done, go listen to Frawley’s entire discography because this is just one of the many gems she’s written!

This is basically a rhetorical question because we know the answer, but did we convert you into Frawley stans? (We know we did!) Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a line on Twitter (rip)/ X. Alternatively, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook, or come vibe in the hive over on Discord!

Do you want even more interviews with amazing new artists like Frawley? We’ve got you covered!


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