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Hozier Takes Us Through An Icy Storm For ‘Unknown / Nth’

Hozier Takes Us Through An Icy Storm For ‘Unknown / Nth’


We finally have the most anticipated Hozier track to date, ‘Unknown / Nth.’ And we say the most anticipated because he has been teasing the track on TikTok and performing it here and there for what seems like forever, but we’ve never gotten the official release, till now. And whew, are we more than excited.

As Elsa Says, “Into The ‘Unknown'”

‘Unknown / Nth’ has further proven that Hozier has the vocals of the Gods. No, but seriously, there is really no one that can sing about heartbreak quite like him. So, let’s break it down a bit. As we mentioned, ‘Unknown / Nth’ is all about going through heartbreak, and repeating the same mistakes, while also going through the ninth circle of hell: treachery. We could probably say this about every track Hozier releases, but this one has to be our absolute favorite, especially with the blues guitar throughout. And obviously, we can’t talk about the track without talking about the lyrics, specifically the bridge: “Do you know I could break beneath the weight? / Of the goodness, love, I still carry for you / That I’d walk so far just to take / The injury of finally knowin’ you.” Which we think perfectly explains what the track is about and the continuous heartbreak someone will go through for love. As we all know, Hozier is perfectly good at wrapping every single detail of a song into a nice little bow. We couldn’t love the track more. You can stream ‘the track ‘Unknown / Nth’ here.

Our Journey Marches On

So, if you don’t know about what journey Hozier is currently heroically on, aka what his upcoming album is about, it reflects on Dante’s Divine Comedy. The last track, ‘Francesca,’ was about the second circle: lust, ‘Eat Your Young’ is the third circle: Gluttony, and ‘All Things End’ is the sixth circle: heresy. Now we still have:

  • First Circle: Limbo
  • Fourth Circle: Greed
  • Fifth Circle: Anger
  • Seventh Circle: Violence
  • Eighth Circle: Fraud

We can only assume the rest of the tracks in Unreal Unearth will be covering each one of the remaining circles, and we’re super excited to see what else Hozier pulls out his hat. Make sure to pre-save the album here

So did you think ‘Unknown / Nth’ was well worth the wait? How excited are you to hear the rest of the journey Hozier is on? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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