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Exclusive Interview: We’ve Been Streaming Max Bennett Kelly Since ‘2am’

Your newest musical obsession is here!


Hozier Makes His Journey Through The Nine Circles Of Hell For ‘Francesca’

“I would still be surprised I could find you, darlin’, in any life /
If I could hold you for a minute”

Arrows In Action

Exclusive Interview: Arrows in Action Are Seriously Built To Last

Your favorite Pop-Punk band have made their way to THP!

Take A Stroll With Cavetown And Field Medic Through A ‘Glacier Meadow’

If we could listen to just Cavetown and Field Medic for the rest of our lives, we would


We’d Be In A Constant State Of FML Without These SEVENTEEN Choreo’s

As the kids say, SEVENTEEN is straight ‘Fire!’


Exclusive Interview: SINDOSI:22 Tell Us howtosurvive___ In First EP

Feel like a ‘boss’ with SINDOSI:22.

Exclusive Interview: We Are In An Eternal ‘Bliss’ With Billy Raffoul

This is what his track makes us feel like


Billlie Are ‘extra-ordinary’ In the Billage of perception: chapter three

We have so many questions about TBOP3!


Exclusive Interview: Sandrayati Is Creating A Safe Ground With Debut Album

A star you need to keep your eye on!

Get READY TO BE A ONCE With TWICE’s Comeback

We’ve ‘GOT THE THRILLS’ from this album!