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Exclusive Interview: Evanthia Brought Us To The Deep End

It’s time to introduce a new star ⭐

Forest Claudette

Exclusive Interview: Forest Claudette Brings Out Every Color In Everything Was Green

It took less than ‘Two Years’ for us to fall in love with Forest Claudette


fromis_9 Say ‘Bring It On’ With First Full-Length Album

It’s always ‘FUN!’ when we get new fromis_9 music

Exclusive Interview: KiD RAiN Doesn’t Ever Show Just ‘Half’ Of His Talent!

‘But somehow still halfway towards where I’m supposed to be’

Our Favorite Hozier Videos To Celebrate The ‘Francesca’ MV

You can never go wrong with more Hozier

Exclusive Interview: We’ve Been Streaming Max Bennett Kelly Since ‘2am’

Your newest musical obsession is here!


Hozier Makes His Journey Through The Nine Circles Of Hell For ‘Francesca’

“I would still be surprised I could find you, darlin’, in any life /
If I could hold you for a minute”

Arrows In Action

Exclusive Interview: Arrows in Action Are Seriously Built To Last

Your favorite Pop-Punk band have made their way to THP!

Take A Stroll With Cavetown And Field Medic Through A ‘Glacier Meadow’

If we could listen to just Cavetown and Field Medic for the rest of our lives, we would


We’d Be In A Constant State Of FML Without These SEVENTEEN Choreo’s

As the kids say, SEVENTEEN is straight ‘Fire!’