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Poppy Tracks To Get You Ready For ZIG

Poppy Tracks To Get You Ready For ZIG


Hello! If you’re anything like us, then that means you absolutely love Poppy and also are super excited about her new album ZIG!

So, if you didn’t know, Poppy is releasing an album on October 27th called ZIG. You’ll be getting everything you love from a Poppy track, plus more; we’ve heard rumors that we’ll be getting “electronic beats, and deep metal rock riffs reminiscent of early 90s industrial sounds.” So, you know, a lot to look forward to! We also got to hear a bit of what ZIG will sound like with her latest track, ‘Knockoff,’ which we loved!

‘Knockoff’ is different from her previous releases, but we know you’re going to love it just the same. It has an electronic beat that gives us a “character in a sci-fi show who goes to a club in search of a specific person to fight,” and we’re loving it! Plus, the MV is really, really cool. We have Robot Poppy and Human Poppy or, to reflect off of the lyrics, “I don’t want no, want no knockoff / Want that real sh*t, real authentic,” speaking about both Poppy’s as well as the love Poppy wants. (How many times can we say, Poppy). The MV also has some really cool Tarot card designs from Jason Su for Disorder. Just in general, the whole thing is something we recommend you should watch. You also should be listening to the track to prepare you for ZIG; you can find where to stream ‘Knockoff’ here

Now we’re not just stopping there, we know you can’t just listen to one Poppy track, so we’ve brought you four more tracks to prepare you for ZIG!

‘Say Cheese’

We had to include ‘Say Cheese’ on here because, as both Poppy and wrestling fans, it was so cool to see her do the theme song for NXT! It really helped put her on the map for a lot of new fans, and oh, did they love her. The wrestling world, as well as her regular listeners, loved the track so much. She was invited back to do another theme track for NXT’s In Your House with ‘Dark Dark World.’

‘Girls in Bikinis’

Even if you may not know Poppy, you know ‘Girls in Bikinis,’ especially if you’ve found yourself on TiKTok. And even though it already has 75 Million streams on Spotify and 11 Million on YouTube, we think this empowering track needs all the streams in the world. It’s a super, super catchy track, and deserves all the love.

‘I Disagree’

‘I Disagree’ comes off of Poppy’s third studio album by the same name. It was the album that reinvented the sound people originally knew from Poppy, and y’all, was it an album. It showed off her amazing vocals, and gained her more fans along the way. Now the track is one of her most streamed tracks alongside ‘Girls In Bikinis.’ It has to be our favorite track right alongside ‘Knockoff.’


We’re closing your streaming list with ‘X,‘ because who would we be if we didn’t put you on ‘X.’ The track has both peaceful and more heavy sounds in one, and no one does that best than Poppy! The track comes from her Am I A Girl album which first really introduced a new ‘Poppy-Genre’ she would be known for. We also highly recommend watching the MV, as it perfectly shows what was going through our minds when we first heard the track.

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So, what did you think of ‘Knockoff?’ Are you excited for Zig? What is your favorite Poppy track? Let us know in the comments down below or over on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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