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Hayley Williams’ Petals For Armor As Tarot Cards

Hayley Williams’ Petals For Armor As Tarot Cards

Oh, Petals For Armor. Hayley Williams’ debut solo album. One of the best albums of all time. An album we wish we could’ve heard live. *insert crying smile emoji* We could talk about the 998,716 reasons why we love it. But, because this album is incredibly beautiful and meaningful, we thought we’d describe the songs as tarot cards!

If you aren’t familiar with tarot, don’t worry. We’ll fully, but briefly, explain each meaning, so you’ll know that This Is Why (sorry, we had to) we picked each card. Some tarot cards will differ in appearance, sometimes purely for aesthetics. But all of the cards shown don’t drastically differ from the standard Rider Waite deck. We could easily talk about all 15 songs, but here are our top 5.

‘Leave It Alone’ — Five Of Cups

The Five of Cups shows a grief-stricken man with five cups. Just like it seems, this card represents sadness and disappointment. The two upright cups represent hope, but the three fallen cups focus on pain and loss.

“If you know love,
You best prepare to grieve.
Let it enter your open heart,
then prepare for it to leave.”

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

‘Dead Horse’ — Ace Of Swords

The Ace of Swords is all about clarity. As seen above, the card shows a hand that’s emerging from the clouds with a crown, and there’s a ray of light in the background. This can signal breakthroughs, even though it’s difficult to acknowledge.

“I got what I deserved.
I was the other woman first.
Other, others
on the line.
But I kept trying to make it work.”

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

‘Over Yet’ — Strength / VIII

It’s just like the name says. The card itself is pretty cool. It depicts a woman who’s both brave and calm enough to hold a lion’s jaw. It may seem intimidating, but if you’re having self-doubt, this tells you that you’re stronger than you think you are!

“If there’s resistance,
it makes you stronger.
Make it your friend.”

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

‘Taken’ — The Star / XVII

A common theme of tarot is illustrating the human body, especially for the Major Arcana cards, like this one. So, we’ll just give you a quick description, instead. It’s a woman with two water jugs underneath the stars. But the main message of this card is hope. It’s one of the best possible cards to get in a reading, tbh.

“‘Cause everyone I know has got a broken heart.
And even though I’m still picking up the pieces,
he makes me want to give it another shot.”

See Also

‘Crystal Clear’ — Eight Of Swords, Reversed

Yep, the meaning of a tarot card can change depending on the direction it is in during the reading! If the card appears upside down, its meaning is essentially, “reversed.” It symbolizes feeling trapped, but as the card shows, it isn’t as impossible to be freed, as it seems. So, the reverse? Finally feeling free of whatever’s been holding you back.

“This time, I wanna stay right here.
I wanna make it crystal clear,
that I won’t give in to the fear.”

Image Source: Melissa G via Pixabay

So, what do you think of our picks for Petals For Armor? Have any additions you’d like to add? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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