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6 More Songs We Want For The 5SOS Show Dice Songs

6 More Songs We Want For The 5SOS Show Dice Songs

You know ’em, you love ’em, and they stress you tf out on a good day. We’re talking about none other than The 5 Seconds of Summer Show dice songs of course! This recent summer of tours has given rise to this concept of additional songs on a setlist chosen at random. Think Taylor Swift‘s surprise songs or Fall Out Boy’s Magic 8 Ball songs. 5 Seconds of Summer is putting their own spin on this concept at The 5SOS Show.

Fans participate in The 5SOS Show dice songs selection which is super fun! We summarized how The 5SOS Show dice works but as a tl;dr refresher: Luke Hemmings throws the dice into the pit, fans play a little dice volleyball, and it ends up back on stage once the timer runs out. Luke then ends up being accused of moving it on Twitter (/j) and you find out what song you get to hear! We love that fans get to be a part of The 5SOS Show setlist for even just a small portion.

A red dice with white dots rolling onto and off of a black screen. Meant to represent the 5SOS tour dice
Image Source: hasserd from pixabay via, edited by Aman Shamim for THP

Since a dice has 6 sides, there are 6 songs you have a chance of hearing. They are: ‘Voodoo Doll,’ ‘Heartache On The Big Screen,’ ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’ (screaming crying throwing up at that one fr), ‘If You Don’t Know,’ ‘Heartbreak Girl’ (Yes, you read that correctly sorry @ Calum Hood), and ‘English Love Affair.’ This is one of the most emotionally intense things 5SOS puts us through on The 5SOS Show if we’re being honest and we haven’t even had our shows yet at THP HQ!

We’d be thrilled to hear any single one of these choices live. It did get us thinking, what if there could be multiple dice? What if they used a giant spinning wheel with more songs on it? There are so many songs we’d absolutely love to hear as part of The 5SOS Show dice song situation, so we thought we’d list some of our dream 5SOS dice songs for you!

‘Over And Out’

We’re always dreaming of a day when 5SOS returns to an ‘Over And Out’-esque sound and we get to hear it live. And throwing in their iconic punk jumps would help too. ‘Over And Out’ would have us shaking a** and finger-pointing for 2 minutes and 58 seconds straight. We just think we deserve a mini return to pop-punk-inspired 5SOS as a treat is all. It would be a moment, the ones who get it, get it. Screaming the bridge and then doing the claps right after would probably heal us. 5SOS, we’re begging for you to put this on a 5SOS tour dice one day.

‘Story of Another Us’

Writing this article and listening to this song on repeat really threw us for a loop emotionally. We bust out our best pop-punk finger-pointing whenever we hear “I’ve got a long-term plan with short-term fixes and a wasted heart that just eclipses” and if we got to hear it live during The 5SOS Show, we’d actually ascend. This is one of our favorite tracks from the SGFG era and we think it deserves a spot on a 5SOS tour dice one day. Maybe on a future tour? We might actually jump on stage and make sure the dice roll ends on it if that happens (/j don’t do that kids).

‘Independence Day’

“5SOS Songs We Want To Finger Point To At The 5SOS Show” could have been the alternate title for this article and it would’ve worked just as well. We’d love getting to sing this one back to the band after tossing a 5SOS dice around. It’s fast-paced and energetic, and we think it would be a great addition to a 5SOS show setlist, whether on a dice or just part of the set. Perhaps one day that dream will be a reality.

‘Safety Pin’

This is another one of our favorite SGFG tracks and it’s just such a feel-good (ha ha) song for us. We feel like putting this song on a dice and giving fans a chance to hear it would give us such a strong sense of 5SOSFam camaraderie. Like, yes 5SOS, you DID help us safety pin our hearts back together. And ASHTON VOCALS? Come on, what else could you want? This is our formal request for a future 5SOS tour dice with ‘Safety Pin’ on it.

‘Lost In Reality’

This one is just so so catchy. It would instantly have everyone dancing and singing along and for people named any variation of Hayley? A win. ‘Lost In Reality’ is an underrated bop and if it got its time to shine on a tour dice we’d go feral for it. But really, we’d go feral for anything 5SOS played ever.

‘The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place’

Just imagine how fun it would be to hear this one live? If we got a 5SOS show dice roll that ended up with this song you bet we’d be SCREAMING ‘yooo-oooouuuu you’re a catch 22‘ at the top of our lungs. Whether you call it ‘Catch 22’ or the longer title, we can all agree that it would be the perfect addition to The 5SOS Show dice roll.

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Can you tell how much we love these SGFG era tracks? It sort of became an unintentional theme here, but we really hope one day they’ll end up as part of a 5SOS tour setlist. We’d simply end up losing our minds if we heard any of them, whether it’s from a dice roll or a setlist spot. And don’t take this to mean that we have a problem with any of The 5SOS Show dice songs because that’s not the case. We’d be so excited to hear any of the current songs on the current The 5SOS Show dice and we can’t wait for our tour dates! Speaking of which, if you don’t have tickets yet, go grab them ASAP.

How’d we do with our list? What songs are you most excited about on The 5SOS Show dice? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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