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Every Song On The 5SOS Show Dice

Every Song On The 5SOS Show Dice

The 5 Seconds Of Summer Show Song Dice is sending us fans into shambles. Honestly, it’s as if 5SOS is trying to make us cry at this point. If you aren’t a regular here, you may be slightly confused by the title of this article, what this dice is, and why it is detrimental to our mental health. That is totally fine! We are here to explain it to you as best we can!

The 5SOS dice is an innovative concept that allows fans a once-in-a-lifetime (depending on how many shows you attend) opportunity to take part in creating the setlist!

Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael have always valued their fans and always try to connect with them! They have taken this engagement to the next level with this dice! It can be difficult to interact with fans at concerts, but the dice has made it so much easier! And it’s really fun!

Allow us to paint a picture for you:

Close your eyes and picture a massive red inflatable dice. Instead of dots on each side, there are song titles in big, white writing! Now, picture 6′4 (6′2 at best, to be real) Luke Hemmings quite literally yeeting this gigantic thing into the pit. Excitement takes over the room as the crowd plays volleyball with the thing and sends the inflatable dice across the pit. It keeps moving along until the timer runs out and it has to be on the stage again. You wait patiently for the song announcement. Then, boom! One of 5SOS’ most iconic songs starts playing!

It’s basically a big inflatable dice that gets thrown into the crowd, bounced around, and then sent back to the stage, determining what song 5SOS will play next.

You may be wondering what these iconic songs are! Well, these are them:

‘Voodoo Doll’

All of the tracks on the dice are iconic, yes, but ‘Voodoo Doll’ is certainly one of the most iconic 5SOS songs to exist. A song that became a beloved anthem for fans all over the world, ‘Voodoo Doll’ will forever have a special place in our hearts! Featuring young 5SOS‘ punk-rock sound and story-telling lyrics, it’s a track that deserves nothing but praise.

The track basically describes how the members of 5SOS are confused as to why they have a crush on a girl when they never really liked her to begin with. The so-called voodoo doll is being used to reference where their strange emotions are coming from. Is she using a voodoo doll to make them fall in love with her? They are confused, and they keep doing things that they never thought they would ever do.

It’s so cute, tbh! Poor kids are scared of falling in love! What a vast difference to the tracks on 5SOS5. If 2014 5SOS could see themselves now… they’d be shocked.

‘Heartache On The Big Screen’

No, this song is not about a romance movie that ends with the main characters breaking up. It’s about wishing that it was. New relationships can often start off feeling surreal and almost fake, just like any relationship seen in a stereotypical romance film. However, as time moves on, the realization is that the relationship isn’t really the happily-ever-after type but rather a bad dream.

The track uses many words related to films, such as “cut,” “rewind,” and “fast-forward.” Relative to how directors will yell cut when a scene is messed up and needs to be redone. In the same way, the boys would like to restart—rewind—and remove all the mistakes that resulted in a breakup so bad that it seems like one that could be in a big blockbuster film.

The song is cute, iconic, and definitely deserves a place on the dice! Well done, 5SOS, for recognizing its brilliance!

‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’

*Cries in punk rock.*

Oh. Dear. God. Are we mentally okay? No. Are we so overjoyed that it hurts? Yes. Is it tears, or just the rain? Not sure… Everyone in Michael’s lane, how are you? Do you need a hug? We’re sending some virtual ones your way! You’ll be alright!

Okay, we don’t wanna ruin our keyboard with tears, so we’ll make this one short and sweet xoxo.

‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’ is a song about an all-consuming love that is not reciprocated. Michael takes the lead in this track and sings about his significant other being something of a runaway. It’s painful, but no matter how hard he tries, he cannot walk away. They made plans for their future; he had their attention for one night and thought it would be forever. However, it all ended just as it started. He is wrapped around their finger and won’t give up.

Yeah. Just let that sink in.

Now add those lyrics on top of the instrumental aspect of the track, and you have a heartwrenching, soul-crushing, scream-crying, pop-punk ballad that will withstand the test of time.

‘If You Don’t Know’

Hello, Calum girlies 👋 How ya doing? 😉

This is another heartbreaking track, but at the same time, it is the song that keeps you smiling and scream-singing. Ergo, it makes perfect sense for us fans to ache to hear it live again and for 5SOS to put it on their dice!

The second verse of ‘If You Don’t Know’ is the best part of the song, and we can all agree on that. With Calum’s solo being the best thing that has ever blessed our ears, it’s honestly a miracle that we are all still alive after hearing Mr. Hood sing it live in 2023.

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We are melting.

‘Heartbreak Girl’

Let us all take a moment to recenter ourselves after being hit with the shock of the century. Honestly, what on earth is going on? ‘Heartbreak Girl,’ the song 5SOS (and by 5SOS, we mean Calum Hood) despise with their entire being and refuse to play no matter how many times we beg and chant, is offering to play live for us.

Absolutely not. We are utterly speechless.

The song is pretty self-explanatory when you look at its title. It’s about being friend-zoned. It’s strange to think that 5SOS have a song revolving around being friend-zoned because who in their right mind would friend-zone Michael, Luke, Ashton, and/or Calum? These girlies need a wake-up call.

Don’t worry, boys! We’re all here for you.

‘English Love Affair’

This song is iconic for so many reasons! *Coughs in Harry Styles*

Just like ‘Heartbreak Girl’ and ‘Voodoo Doll,’ ‘English Love Affair’ was a single off of 5SOS‘ debut album. The track was written by Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford and released back in 2014. We won’t get into the conspiracies, but if you know, you know. 🤭🤪✨

It’s a track with cheeky and provocative lyrics, undeniable charm, and a pop-punk sound that only 2014’s 5SOS could perfect! Well, at least that’s what we thought. Now that we’ve seen 2023 5SOS sing this gem with their glow-ups and 20-something-year-old shmexiness, boy, were we wrong. It turns out that 5SOS will never fail to deliver.

Alright, now that you know about all the songs, which one do you want to hear at your concert? If you aren’t going to a show, which one would you have wanted to hear if you did go? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram!


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