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4 Songs We Hope Bebe Rexha Performs At Her Roblox Concert

4 Songs We Hope Bebe Rexha Performs At Her Roblox Concert

One of our fave main pop girls, Bebe Rexha, always knows how to put on a jaw-dropping show – we have photographic proof of that, by the way – and you seriously need to see her live at some point. But if you couldn’t make it out to her Best F*N Night Of My Life Tour this summer, don’t worry! You’ll now have the chance to see Bebe at her first Metaverse concert in Roblox’s Harmony Hills world! 

The show will take place at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, July 28th, and in case you miss it, there will be replays all weekend, every hour, on the hour. Or maybe in case, you wanna rewatch it a bunch – in which case, relatable. Bebe can really command a stage, and we can’t wait to see how that translates into this Roblox concert! On top of that, you’ll be able to snag some exclusive virtual merch and see a one-of-a-kind performance where Bebe draws from gorgeous 70s aesthetics.

As a huge fan of the metaverse, I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my first Roblox concert with some of my biggest fans and all of the new ones I’ll meet along the way in the wonderful Harmony Hills. I hope everyone’s ready for a fun and energetic journey as we travel back in time together.

Bebe Rexha

While we wait for the concert, we wanted to daydream about the setlist a bit! There are so many hits in Bebe’s discography that it blows us away, and with such a great catalog, we’re sure it was pretty difficult to narrow it down into one show. Nonetheless, we’ll have our fingers crossed to hear these songs in the metaverse this weekend!

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‘I’m Good (Blue)’

Come on, you knew it was coming. ‘I’m Good (Blue)’ has been one of the biggest songs of the past few months and it’s so deserved! David Guetta + Bebe Rexha = Pop Perfection. Plus, a lyric from the chorus inspired the name of Bebe’s Best F*N Night Of My Life Tour, so we think this is a natural choice. We’ll be blue if this doesn’t make it onto the setlist.

‘In The Name Of Love’

Something just hits different about Bebe’s collabs with electronic producers. This one with Martin Garrix is still one of her most-streamed songs ever and, it hits just as hard now as it did when it dropped back in 2016. It’s all about how far we’ll go to be there for that special person in our life, so if you have a partner, this would be such a fun song to dance to together in the metaverse.

‘Death Row’

We’ll forever be campaigning all over Twitter for ‘Death Row’ to get as much recognition as the more popular songs on Better Mistakes; thank you very much! It’s such a unique declaration of love, and that “but I’ll do it toniiiiiiight” line would be so fun to sing along with. Please come through, Bebe!

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No matter the season, we can guarantee we’ll be listening to ‘Seasons’ almost constantly. It’s such a beautiful country-tinged song featuring Dolly Parton, about feeling stuck in time (or in a season) while it seems like everyone around you has their life more together than you do. Pretty relatable, no? This song has helped so many people, so let’s see how it helps in the Metaverse!

Which of these songs will you be rooting for? Will we see you at Bebe’s Metaverse concert this weekend? Let’s meet up! But first, let’s touch base on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Gotta coordinate our virtual outfits, of course.


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