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Pigeon Wigs Snatch Our Wigs With An Unforgettable Show In Cardiff

Pigeon Wigs Snatch Our Wigs With An Unforgettable Show In Cardiff

Ladies, gentlemen, and people of the world, we believe we’ve just witnessed history in the making. We took a trip down to Cardiff in Wales, to a popular venue with the locals, Clwb Ifor Bach, to see Pigeon Wigs live. They celebrated the release of their EP, Rock By Numbers, with a launch show that blew our minds. Honestly? We may never be the same ever again after witnessing these legends, and we’re all the better for it. Along with bringing their fine selves to the iconic venue in the heart of Cardiff on that rainy Saturday evening, Pigeon Wigs also brought support along in the form of Loafus and Waterpistol.


Taking to the stage first was Charlotte Fahey, who goes by the name Loafus. As she stepped up there and wielded the guitar, she immediately strummed her way into our hearts. Not only did she warm up the crowd, but she also warmed up our souls. Her music was a swing into mellow country rock with delicate psychedelic undertones that had us in a constant, mesmerized sway.

Loafus played ‘Dreamland’ at the end of her set, and it became one of our favorites very quickly. She said that someone once told her, “You’re living in a dreamland,” and she took inspiration from that.

Loafus left the stage with loud applause from the crowd. Her talents left us feeling inspired and awestruck.



Waterpistol took the stage and burst energy through the entire room. They are a six-piece band that made their mark on the evening with soulful rock n’ roll, maracas, a tambourine, and bongo drums. Yes, you heard that right!

We took to the center of the room to witness Waterpistol, and we stood behind a person who was so into the music that they couldn’t stop dancing and moving their feet like an elegant penguin. As we took a gander around the room, it seemed a lot of the crowd felt the same! There was a lot of dancing, a lot of smiles, and loud cheers between every song. Waterpistol’s songs were comprised of catchy rhythms and beats that would energize even the calmest of patrons.

A highlight was what seemed to be a newer song in their catalog, as it was announced to be unnamed. A rock n’ roll anthem that filled us with the desire to put on our phone’s flashlight and wave it in the air in our sway. The song picked up pace toward the end, and everyone jigged, jived, and grooved!

As Waterpistol finished their set, the crowd was ignited and buzzing. The band did a beautiful job of creating new fans among the crowd as well as making them all ready for the Pigeon Wigs.


Pigeon Wigs

After an interval long enough for a quick visit to the bar, we settled into the crowd. Pigeon Wigs were ready, and so were we. They introduced that they were set to go with a very loud and strong Welsh accent, saying, “s’appening then,” which definitely got everyone’s attention.

But something else grabbed our attention as well! Frontman Harry Franklin-Williams showcased his infectious charismatic self immediately as he took the microphone with an excited, contagious smile that never left his face for the entire set.

Feel free to step forward. We only bite with consent.

Harry Franklin-Williams, Pigeon Wigs’ Frontman

And everyone took that invitation. We stepped forward to get closer to the action and to be completely drawn into all that Pigeon Wigs had to offer. And let us tell you, they offered us a lot through their set. Not only were we hooked from the very first song on their setlist for the evening, but we were immediately bombarded with the realization that we could be witnessing history in the making.

We could talk all day about the legendary Pigeon Wigs, but for now, we’ll give you the highlights!

‘Near The Knuckle’

The first song on their set list was a major highlight. ‘Near The Knuckle’ is the first track on Pigeon Wigs’ Rock By Numbers EP. The very moment the guitars kicked in, our eyes widened. In came the vocals, and our jaws dropped. It sounded remarkably close to the recorded studio version. This was our first glimpse into what to expect of the Pigeon Wigs live. We were immediately impressed. What a way to start their set.

‘Iron Dynamite’

What a punch of rock! This track is one of our favorites from their Rock By Numbers EP. ‘Iron Dynamite’ is a wondrous nod to rock greats. It was during the chorus of this track that the couple next to us caught our attention in the crowd. They were dancing as the chorus hit, and we couldn’t help but notice the type of dance. Pigeon Wigs may just be the instigator of “dad dancing.” You know exactly what type of dancing we’re talking about! And you know what? We love that so much. They did not stop dancing the entire set. The music grabbed them and did not let go, and it definitely didn’t let us go either.

‘Radiation Blues’

And this was when our bodies became ignited. ‘Radiation Blues’ transported us right into the eras of ‘70s and ‘80s rock. It’s a nod and salute to many greats of that time, including The Rolling Stones. This was a major highlight because not only did the sensational guitar riffs of the incredibly talented Louis Jugessur catch our attention, but the vocals struck us hard, too. The vocal range and versatility of Harry Franklin-Williams became very apparent in ‘Radiation Blues.’ During the lyric, “We’re flying high,” a high note was hit so perfectly that it made us think of the incredible Steven Tyler or, dare we say it, the legendary Freddie Mercury.


Pigeon Wigs in Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff – 22.07.23 #pigeonwigs #cardiff #clwbiforbach

♬ original sound – AlyciaP

‘Hold Up!’

The Rock By Numbers launch show came to an end with ‘Hold Up!,’ and what a perfect song to finish up with. ‘Hold Up!’ is an intoxicating breath of fresh air infused with rock-punched adrenaline and retro-shaded nostalgia. To experience this one performed live was a gift. The guitar work was delicious, the outpouring of energy was divine, and the crowd ate every bit of this final song up. It roared to an impactful finale, which left us feeling grateful to have witnessed the entire set.

And the evening came to a close. We fled onto the rainy streets of Cardiff full of hype, feeling overjoyed, and so appreciative to witness the immense talents of the Pigeon Wigs live. If you’re a fan of rock and roll greats such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band, and more, you will thrive at a Pigeon Wigs show.

We promise you will not be disappointed if you see Pigeon Wigs live. What an incredible night!

What do you think of Pigeon Wigs? Have you listened to their incredible Rock By Numbers EP? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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