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3 Of Our Favorite Songs From Pigeon Wigs’ Rock By Numbers

3 Of Our Favorite Songs From Pigeon Wigs’ Rock By Numbers

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You know that exciting feeling when you hear new music from a newly found artist or band that just blows your mind? Well, we’re experiencing that today, honey! Pigeon Wigs have just slipped onto our radar, and we can’t get them off our minds or out of our ears. Not that we’d want to! We’re playing their debut EP, Rock By Numbers, from start to finish right now. It’s just so good!

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Filled with iconic songs that contain punchy psychedelic nods to 60s and 70s greats, Rock By Numbers is the perfect introduction to Cardiff alt-rock band Pigeon Wigs. Here are some of our favorite songs from their brand new EP that you need to hear!

‘Iron Dynamite’

Oh, honey. This is such an incredibly addictive track. The guitar riff at the start of ‘Iron Dynamite’ draws us in and paired with the verses and their fantastic lyricism, it collectively leaves us feeling hooked. There’s no way to stop us from bopping our heads as the chorus hits.

I made a Jenga tower out of 60s-inspired metaphors and muso-nerd references that still never fails to put a smile on my face. The verses are swirling psych with a portion of madness while the chorus is much more your classic 60s pop lyrics, simple and direct but with my trademark cynicism at the end, “it’s just another line.”

Harry Franklin-Williams, Pigeon Wigs Frontman

‘Heavy Low’

Time to slow things down just a little bit with this song. This is a track that will have you closing your eyes and slowly bopping your head from side to side. ‘Heavy Low’ will leave you feeling weightless as you relax and let it take you on the most beautiful introspective journey. Another sensational song by Pigeon Wigs that we can’t stop listening to.

Not only is it introspective, but it also leaves us with vivid imagery in our minds. What pictures does it paint in your head when you listen to it?

‘Death Of A King’

That brass boom of an introduction! Wow! There are some soulful vibes floating around this rocking song. ‘Death Of A King’ packs a punch, and we’re happy to be punched by it. Yes, we know that sounds strange, but just roll and soul with it, honey! ‘Death Of A King’ is a true anthem that will have you up on your feet, grooving to the rhythm, and leaving all your worries on the doorstep.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the accompanying music video? We can’t imagine the amount of fun Pigeon Wigs had making this one!

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Want To Hear Pigeon Wigs Live? Here’s Your Chance!

If you love these songs and all the rest on Rock By Numbers, then we’ve got some good news! Pigeon Wigs have their Rock By Numbers launch show this month! Isn’t that exciting? It’ll be at the iconic Clwb Ifor Bach venue in Cardiff on July 22nd. That’s a Saturday, honey! Don’t you just love to hear that?

You will also be able to see them live at Green Man Festival, Shambala Festival, and more in the next few months. For more information on where you can see them live, visit Pigeon Wigs’ website.

What’s your favorite song from Pigeon Wigs’ Rock By Numbers? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Discord, Instagram, and Threads.


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