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10 Remi Wolf Songs Your Playlists Need

10 Remi Wolf Songs Your Playlists Need

We want to live in a world where Remi Wolf is on everyone’s playlists! Her technicolor songs have this skillful way of transporting us onto a whole other planet, one filled with psychedelic colors, catchy beats, soulful sounds, and luscious lyrics. Her debut studio album, Juno – which was released in 2021 – is a no-skip sensation. The same can be said for her previously released EPs, You’re A Dog!, and I’m Allergic To Dogs!.

Never heard a Remi Wolf song before? Oh, you are in for a treat, honey! She’s like an addiction. Her ability to bend and manipulate genres with her music is strong, and there’s something in her discography for everyone! Here are ten songs from this talented queen that will make you fall in love with her. We’ve also highlighted some lyrics from each song!


We’ve always been obsessed with this song. ‘Liz’ is a personal song, one that reflects Remi Wolf’s time feeling lonely. Nobody seemed to be around aside from that one friend, Liz, who seems to be going through her own troubled times, too. It’s a soulful song, and Remi Wolf’s powerful vocals really drive the emotions forward.

“She’s a sexy little mama just like her daddy taught her
She don’t seem the same since she working on the corner
Hope she don’t fade away
Hope she find another lover
And it was Liz, Liz
She taught me how to live”

‘Hello, Hello, Hello’

This song just makes us want to dance! It’s contagious, and we can’t help but want to move to the beat whenever we have it on, and we have it on repeat a lot. You can’t tell us you’re not bopping your head to the beat on your first listen! ‘Hello, Hello, Hello’ is definitely one that anybody could easily get addicted to.

“Like, hello, hello, hello?
How’s my little lady in the New York snow?
Yeah, he says I love you, I love you loads
We got a certified gambler messin’ with me”

‘Liquor Store’

Another vibrant, addictive track! The vocals on this one always stun, and the grooviness always captures us. Underneath the groovy edge of ‘Liquor Store,’ there is a deeper meaning. Remi Wolf explores her relationship with alcohol and sobriety. We highly recommend listening to this one a few times to hear her story in the lyrics. She’s so lyrically talented, it’s insane!

“I’m a thrift store baddie with my booty on the sink
I’m a shitty ex-nanny with my marbles on the brink of
Spilling all over the carpet, the kitchen floor
You clean them up with a mop in a liquor store”

‘Photo ID’

‘Photo ID’ – which has its home on Remi Wolf’s I’m Allergic To Dogs! EP – is an absolute bop. We’d say this song is one of her catchiest! There’s no way that you’ll get away with listening to this one and not moving. It’s impossible not to do a little jig or bop your head to the beat! We’re listening to it right now, and we need to take a writing break just to get up and dance to it. We can’t help it!

“Wait in line, smile for the photo ID
Inside, that’s where we can be free
Your highness, caught you sippin’ on lean
Reminds me that’s how it’s supposed to be”


Remi Wolf really shows off her versatility with this track. ‘Cake’ is from the deluxe release of Juno, and it’s a definite favorite of ours! There’s a delightful, ethereal punchiness to the chorus we can’t get enough of, and the insanely powerful vocals draw us in. We always get left with a sweet taste in our mouths when we have this song blessing our ears!

“I think I’ll get a cake tattoo
Remind myself that I can’t have it and eat it, too
Think I’ll take the long way home
Maybe the time and space would be good for us both”


A song all about putting your partner first at the risk of letting your own well-being suffer. The lyricism in ‘Doctor’ is to die for. But isn’t that the case with any Remi Wolf song anyway? Let’s be real. Either way, we’re sure a few people could relate to a lot of the lines in this song! It also has another catchy chorus. We’ve learned the lines to this one, and we love singing along to it!

“I don’t wanna be your doctor
You got too much pride
You’re spitting out lies
And you hover like an eastbound chopper
I’ll loosen up ties
Push you to the side”


This addictive song has creepier undertones that we can’t get enough of. It’s all about a woman that is far too into a man named Michael. She craves his attention to the point of manic obsession. The wondrous sound with the underlying story matches the iconic music video perfectly. ‘Michael’ is another one that really shows off Remi Wolf’s versatility. She’s incredible!

Lick the poison apple
Drag me to the chapel
Pullin’ out my centerfold”

‘Sexy Villain’

Do you ever look in the mirror one day and love what you see? And then the next day, you look again, and you hate what you see? This song is all about both loving and hating who you are. ‘Sexy Villain’ is an anthem of balance between those two lines, and it’s an iconic bop. Remi Wolf really served us something special when she made this song!

See Also

“Sexy Villain
(Not the hero, I’m the West Coast Bob De Niro)
Sexy Villain
(Super emo, aqua girl with the rising Leo)
Sexy Villain”

‘wyd – Live at Electric Lady’

Remi Wolf released her live EP, Live at Electric Lady, back in 2022. It includes live recorded versions of five of her songs and an iconic cover of ‘Pink + White’ by Frank Ocean. This live version of ‘wyd’ is funky and absolutely stunning. It showcases Remi’s vocal range immensely. It’s all about the realities of working in the music industry. We’ve been obsessed with this version of the track ever since we first heard it!

“All these little bitches telling me what to do
They really getting me hot
I got a bone to pick
Yeah, uh, ain’t got a bone to lick
They want escargot, good blow, and cordon bleu
I find that hustle a little tough, little hard to chew”

‘Grumpy Old Man’

The littlest of things can bother us sometimes. Tiny problems can cause big reactions, and we can get so defensive. This song is all about that! ‘Grumpy Old Man’ is such an iconic, fun bop. The lyrics are so playful, and there’s absolutely no way we can listen to this one without singing along to the chorus. It’s just so catchy!

“I’m so defensive I’ve got bongos thumping in my chest
And something tells me they don’t beat for me, ay, ay
And I’m so defensive I got eggshells on my doorstep
And I don’t give second chances easily
I got long hair long beard turtleneck sweater
Got that long hair long beard turtleneck sweater”

Are you in love with Remi Wolf yet? We hope so! There are so many funky, soulful songs to discover in her discography. These ten songs are just a taste!

What’s your favorite from this list? Are you a Remi Wolf stan? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.


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