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KC Rae Has Us Feeling Nostalgic With Her Debut Solo Single, ‘Blockbuster’

KC Rae Has Us Feeling Nostalgic With Her Debut Solo Single, ‘Blockbuster’

A lot of us can appreciate a trip down memory lane. That beautifully overwhelming feeling of looking back at moments in life that stick with you and come back to bring a smile to your face. KC Rae – also known as KC Dalager of the band Now, Now – inspires us to look back on our own memories as she does in her debut solo single, ‘Blockbuster.’

We can already tell that KC Rae is going to be one to watch. This song already has such a hold on us! We’ve listened to it countless times since we discovered it, and the true talent she holds is fully displayed. It’s a song written and produced solely by KC Rae, one born from a journey of self-discovery. We can’t get enough of it!

A True Journey Into The Late ’90s And Early 2000s

Listening to ‘Blockbuster’ has brought back a lot of fond memories. We’re sure everyone can remember driving up to the big blue Blockbuster sign with the yellow capitalized font, or even just passing it by. It was an eye-catching store in towns and cities that couldn’t be ignored. For those that had the pleasure of stepping through the doors years ago, this song will take you back to the moments of perusing through the many movies on display. That satisfying struggle to make that difficult-but-exciting choice of what to watch that night. Maybe you even sought out the latest video game release to try that weekend. It was always an adventure, especially for those visiting well into their youth.


First ever solo single “Blockbuster” out now. About being 13 + my cousin swiping her stepdad’s car when she was 15 without a license so we could go to blockbuster video. #blockbuster #kcrae #kcdalager #nownow #fyp

♬ original sound – KC Rae

But ‘Blockbuster’ also opens up the doors for even more childhood memories away from that store to flair into our minds. It is an incredible song that captures the essence of youth, rebellion, and the beautiful bonds built with family. KC Rae explores her own experiences with her cousin and growing up together in the lyrics. She created this song from an instance within her childhood that stuck with her that involved her cousin and a daring journey to the iconic video rental store.

I was terrified of breaking rules as a kid, so this experience of swiping her stepdad’s car without a license to go rent a movie has sunk itself into the core memory archives.

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Songs created on the building blocks of nostalgia will always have a special place in our hearts. With that in mind, we are so thankful that KC Rae created this song. We are so excited to hear and see what else is in store from her in the future!

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What memories come back to you when you listen to ‘Blockbuster?’ Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on FacebookInstagram, and Discord.


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