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Inspired By Lewis Capaldi’s TikTok Promoting How I’m Feeling Now, We Fan Cast Him In Various Netflix Roles!

We want to see Lewis as Oh Il-nam in the next adaptation of Squid Games.

Why Demi Lovato’s ‘Still Alive’ For Scream VI Shouldn’t Be Their Only Foray Into The Horror Genre 

Not even Ghostface can keep Demi Lovato from proclaiming she’s ‘still alive.’

5 Things To Do While Waiting In The Lumineers Pit Queue For Their BRIGHTSIDE World Tour

‘WHERE WE ARE’ is exactly in the pit line for The Lumineers’ BRIGHTSIDE tour.

Niall Horan Described ‘Heaven’ As “lullaby-ish” To Zane Lowe For Apple Music 1, So We Deciphered Its Dreamful Message!

What sort of “revelations” are you having, Nialler?

We Loved Seeing Lizzo As A Superhero In The ‘Special’ Music Video, So We Envisioned Her As An Avenger! 

If Lizzo’s telling us we’re ‘Special,’ then we must be.

How Can Sam Smith Continue To Flesh Out The Musical Flair Of Gloria After ‘I’m Not Here To Make Friends?’ 

If we don’t adopt the ‘L’ dance move for the tour, are we really one of Sam’s sailors?

‘Lemon’ Appears In Teen Wolf: The Movie, But These 3 Other Tyler Posey Songs Should’ve Gotten Their Moment Too! 

Teen Wolf: The Movie has us “runnin’ through the graveyard.”