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6 Pale Waves Songs Your Playlist Needs

6 Pale Waves Songs Your Playlist Needs

The time has come, dear readers, for us to finally introduce you all to Pale Waves. We cannot express how excited we are to take you on a journey through their discography! OMG, this is so exciting! If you do not know of Pale Waves, then we would like to express how sorry we are for you. Sorrows, sorrows, prayers. But don’t worry, you’re going to be okay because we are going to help you out. 

Pale Waves, made up of Heather Baron-Gracie (vocals, guitar), Ciara Doran (drums), Hugo Silvani (guitar), and Charlie Wood (bass), has been making waves (see what we did there?) in the music scene since their formation back in 2014. With three released albums and multiple chart-topping tracks, leaving them out of your playlists would be criminal!

Okay, now we will stop our blabbering and get into it! Hold tight, and get ready for the ride as we journey through six of our favorite Pale Waves tracks!

‘Reasons To Live.’

Starting off with one of the most listened-to tracks on Pale Waves’ latest album, Unwanted, ‘Reasons To Live’ is a must-listen! This track moves from discussing something dark to something so light and happy.

Heather sings about feeling isolated, anxious, drained, and unwanted. Everything revolves around feeling alone and hitting rock bottom, thinking there is no way out of the dark state. That is until the chorus hits!

The chorus explains the overall message of the song. Moving on from explaining that everything sucks, to explaining that someone or something has saved her from the shocking state. After searching for reasons to live, she found a love that picked her up and brought light into her life.

This song is relatable to many people, especially stans! We find salvage in the musicians that we love endless amounts. For many of us, they have saved us from rock bottom and brought light into our lives!

‘Television Romance.’

‘Television Romance’ is undoubtedly one of Pale Waves’ best songs out there. Coming off of their debut album, My Mind Makes Noises; the track clearly depicts the overall sound of the album. With a euphoric explosion of sound that draws the listeners in, the song immediately sets the mood for a mesmerizing journey showcasing Pale Waves’ nostalgic sonic realm. Layer by layer, the synths create a lush, dreamy ambiance that perfectly complements the song’s lyrical concept.

Throughout ‘Television Romance,’ Pale Waves take listeners to a world where digital romance and human connection intersect through their trademark blend of ’80s synth-pop! The song’s mesmerizing melodies, combined with Heather’s emotional vocals, create a captivating sound that conveys the essence of modern love!


The cheerful beat and soaring guitars of ‘Tomorrow’ create an exhilarating vibe that sweeps you up and carries you along with its encouraging lyrics! The beautiful vocals lead the way, filling each phrase with warmth and promise. With its addictive melodies and sing-along lyrics, the track is a melodious burst of sunshine!

‘Tomorrow’ explores themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the possibility of starting afresh and creating new beginnings tomorrow. The words portray a determination to push forward, leaving the past behind and welcoming the limitless possibilities of a better tomorrow.

The song acknowledges life’s difficulties and hardships but also encourages listeners to discover the power and strength inside themselves. Pale Waves brilliantly expresses the idea that resilience isn’t about denying pain or difficulties, but rather about finding the strength to face them head-on and emerge stronger on the other side!


This song goes out to all those jealous people out there. Those possessive girlfriends and boyfriends. Those whose (according to the lyrics of the song) best friend is jealousy.

The song starts off with Hugo playing a sexy, heavy, and brooding guitar riff that sets the tone for the entire song, establishing a dark and atmospheric tone that continues throughout. ‘Jealousy’ exudes an edgy intensity that differs from their past work. Pale Waves created an edgy anthem with ‘Jealousy,’ appealing to the rebellious hearts and wild passions within us.

Pale Waves fearlessly embraces the darker aspects of human emotion, urging listeners to immerse themselves in a gripping and powerful journey. Lyrically, the track examines the harsh and strong nature of jealousy and its impact on relationships. It’s a feeling so strong that it cannot be ignored and rather must be embraced. ‘Jealousy’ demonstrates Pale Waves’ ability to create a thrilling and emotionally charged sound that perfectly mirrors the intense lyrical aspect of their songs.

It’s dark, it’s destructive. It’s hot, it’s sexy.

Give it a listen:


‘Red’ features a brilliant rush of energy that stirs the senses and makes a lasting impact on the listener. The track undoubtedly showcases Pale Waves’ iconic sound, with explosive guitars, driving rhythm, and frontwoman Heather’s stunning vocals.

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Lyrically, the track tackles the complexities of desire, passion, and the powerful feelings that can overtake us. The introspective lyrics explore the uncertainty of a relationship and the bittersweet essence of hopeless love. Led by hauntingly beautiful vocal, ‘Red’ explores the complexity of love, longing, and passion.

Oh no, baby are we gonna make it this time? / I always take hearts that shouldn’t be mine, be mine / Slow down baby, are we gonna make it alive?

And, of course, ‘Red’ wouldn’t be a Pale Waves track if it didn’t feature an incredible guitar solo! Do what’s right and take a look!

‘She’s My Religion.’

‘She’s My Religion,’ the ultimate gay anthem.

With its ethereal guitar riffs and dreamlike ambiance, ‘She’s My Religion’ captivates listeners from the first note. The delicate and melodic framework of the song sets the stage for a poetic journey that addresses love in its most complex form. The instrumentation perfectly matches the track’s introspective tone! 

‘She’s My Religion’ isn’t the standard or typical love song. Society depicts the dark sides to a person as unloveable and tends to only focus on the positive sides. I believe to love someone and their entirety creates a love that is freeing and truthful. Someone that loves every part of you allows you to see and love those parts in yourself. I wanted to write a song that used pronouns because for so many years I didn’t in my music, and now I realize how important that is, to normalize LGBTQ relationships in a world that needs it. Love who you wanna love and embrace it.

Heather Baron-Gracie via NME

Heather’s voice soars above the music, giving tenderness as well as strength. Her passionate delivery brings an intimate edge to the lyrics as she sings of a love that goes against conventional expectations of love!

Wow, what a trip. If you haven’t fallen in love with Pale Waves yet (‘Lies’), then we suggest you rethink your life decisions 🙂 If you have accepted that Pale Waves deserves all of your love and attention, we highly recommend you go on and listen to their entire discography…you know that you won’t be disappointed! Get going, they have a full three albums! Now we want to hear which of their songs are your favorite! Do you think that we have left any off of this list? Let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.


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