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5 Songs From SOUR We’re Still Obsessed With

5 Songs From SOUR We’re Still Obsessed With

Two years ago, Olivia Rodrigo released her debut album, SOUR, and the world was changed. Is that a little dramatic? Sure. But no one can deny the power this album had in 2021…and for good reason! SOUR is the perfect mixture of teen angst and heartache everyone can relate to, which allowed fans, young and old, to find a piece of themselves in this album. We’d guess that’s why SOUR was breaking records and breaking hearts. Here are our top five songs from SOUR we’re still obsessed with!

‘good 4 u’

Perhaps one of the most iconic singles from the album, ‘good 4 u’ is all about that lover who seemed to move on a little too fast. It was the bitter breakup anthem we didn’t know we needed but were so happy Olivia delivered. Paired with a video homaging films like The Princess Diaries and Jennifer’s Body, ‘good 4 u’ quickly became a classic and one of our favorites!

‘enough for you’

A song all about trying to make yourself enough for that special person and somehow still not getting their love, ‘enough for you’ is a tragic take on losing yourself to please someone else. Whether that’s trying to sound smarter or look prettier, they still end up leaving, and you’re left feeling as though it were all a waste. It’s the perfect “cry in the shower” song which means it had to make our list!


The final single from the album, ‘brutal,’ may be a little harder for older listeners to relate to now, but surely it took them down memory lane. All about the ups and downs of growing up and figuring out how to make that transition from teenhood to adulthood, ‘brutal’ does an incredible job of illustrating the clumsiness that comes with figuring out who you are and your place in the world. Olivia really wasn’t kidding when she said it’s brutal out here.

‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’

We’d call this an underrated gem. Another sad song from the collection, ‘1 step forward, 3 steps back,’ speaks of miscommunication in love so much to the point where you question everything about yourself. Are you right? Are you wrong? Do they actually love you, or is it all just temporary? Although a melancholy choice, this song wins points for being extremely catchy. 

‘drivers license’

Of course, our listen wouldn’t be complete without ‘drivers license,’ and honestly, we couldn’t leave it off the list if we tried. The world was captivated by her debut single, which immediately skyrocketed her from Disney actress to mainstream phenom. You couldn’t find a radio station or a department store that wasn’t playing ‘drivers license,’ though who’s complaining? With all that airplay, you’d think we’d get sick of it, but even after all this time, we still sing along!

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