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6 Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics That Are Devastatingly Relatable

6 Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics That Are Devastatingly Relatable

It is no secret that Olivia Rodrigo writes her songs straight from the heart, openly sharing all of her internal battles. The songs on her album SOUR have some truly devastating lyrics that we can all relate to. It’s time to face the music and admit it; sometimes, our lives are brutal (see what we did there). Olivia was only 18 years young when SOUR was released, and yet she managed to achieve what more experienced singer-songwriters struggle to do; share her truth so much to the extent of being exposed and vulnerable.

Ergo, it is safe to say that Olivia Rodrigo is a lyrical genius. Simply finding a way to make it feel as if our hearts were ripped out of our chests and then stomped all over like a bug that very much needed to be squished 🙂 Olivia has managed to create music that elicits raw emotion from her listeners, makes us all feel seen, and allows us to feel not so alone. She manages to express the things that we struggle to do for ourselves, and that’s something we will always be grateful for—even if it means pain xoxo.

With that being said, here are 6 lyrics from SOUR that we have found to be the most dramatic and, unfortunately, relatable. It’s time to get deeply in touch with your emotions … sadly.

1. “The things I did, just so I could call you mine.” – ‘Favorite Crime.’

Yup, we’re starting off right in the deep end with ‘Favorite Crime‘ and one of the most painful lyrics we could find … sorry. It’s sad to think that we have all changed something about ourselves due to the influence of other people. It may not be done consciously, but it’s certainly happened to the best of us. There have definitely been times when we’ve put ourselves in situations that we wouldn’t usually choose to be in. We do these things in order to hold on to someone, platonically or romantically. We do something that goes against our morals all because the person we love has asked us to do it.

It’s just as sad to think that it’s so easy to lose ourselves. Then, at the end of the day, when everything is over, and all is gone, the realization hits; we aren’t ourselves anymore. Often times we are completely blinded by love, and we honestly let it happen purely because of that. We see the red flags and blindly ignore every omen; after all, “that’s what you do when you love somebody.”

It’s a truly unfortunate (ooooh, just co-ordinates, oooh ooh ooh) lyric to relate to, yet here we all are, doing exactly that.

2. “I’m selfish, I know.” – ‘Happier.’

This is so Harry-coded of Liv, and we love to see it. Being selfish is definitely something we can all relate to. None of us actively try to be selfish people, but we all have our moments, which is totally okay. Listen, being selfish isn’t always a bad thing. Yes, there are times when selfishness can be harmful to others and an overall negative trait, but not always! On the flip side of things, sometimes being selfish is necessary. We hope it makes you ‘Happier.’

There’s, unfortunately, a stigma attached to the word. People use it as an insult, which is just so unnecessarily harsh. It’s not possible for us to give every last inch of ourselves to other people all the time. We cannot be expected just to give, give, give, give, especially when we gain absolutely nothing in return. How is that fair?

Take a breath, this is about to get really deep. Here’s your quick therapy session:

Selfishness is not always what people make it out to be. Is it selfish to take care of yourself and put yourself first in some situations? Absolutely not. What, are you going to tell your best friends that they are being self-centered, self-serving, and self-involved simply because they are choosing to take a day off from life? We know that you would never.

If you wouldn’t say it to them, why would you say it to yourself?

Here’s your reminder: you are valued and worthy of being selfish. The therapy session is over.

3. ‘Brutal.’

That’s it. ‘Brutal.’ Just the entire song. That is all we have to say on the matter.

4. “And all my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you.” – ‘Drivers License.’

Just like Olivia in ‘Drivers License,‘ We’ve all had a crush. An obsession that may or may not have gotten out of hand *coughs in stan.*

We all have those friends who openly express their annoyance when we don’t stop talking about a crush, an ex that we miss, or an actor or a musician that we love so much. Listen, it’s the absolute worst, but it’s unfortunately true. Funnily enough, some people get tired of hearing us quote things that our favorite celebs have previously said. For some strange reason, they. Just. Don’t. Get it. Why? We have absolutely no clue.

5. “Guess you didn’t cheat, but you’re still a traitor.” – ‘Traitor.’

This one hits so hard it is so upsetting.

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This ‘Traitor‘ lyric doesn’t necessarily apply to romantic relationships alone, we have all been betrayed before. Whether we were hurt by a friend, a partner, a sibling, or even a parent, we have all been there, and it sucks so hard. The breaking of trust, the dropping of friends, the excluding you from plans, the immature insulting, the gossiping, the spilling of secrets. The list, unfortunately, could go on for decades; it could have an entire article dedicated to itself.

“You betrayed me, and I know that you’ll never feel sorry.” It’s like, go ahead and twist the knife, why don’t you?

It’s sad to think that one day, out of the blue, someone you trusted with your life could hurt you on purpose. And what’s worse than the betrayal being overtly obvious is when it’s a bending of a rule. To merge Niall Horan’s lyric into this article, “On paper you don’t break them, but it hurts so bad the way you bend the rules.”


6. “Crying on the floor of my bathroom” – ‘Good 4 U.’

Let’s end this off on a fun note, yeah? This may be slightly cynical, but it’s funny to think that we have all had that experience of crying on our bathroom floors. There’s just something so magical about it! What a fantastic place to cry!

Thinking back to the moments of pain in which you’re crying on the bathroom floor, we bet you’re having a giggle now! It’s just one of those sad yet funny, relatable things. For some strange reason, crying on the floor of our bathrooms is a universal activity. So that’s pretty cool … right?

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of this article, ‘Good 4 You! After this, it’s really safe to say that Miss Olivia Rodrigo truly knows what she is doing. We hope that we haven’t left you on your bathroom floor today …

Are there any more Olivia Rodrigo lyrics that you believe are sadly relatable? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop or even buzzing on over to our Facebook and Instagram!


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