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3 Unforgettable (G)I-DLE B-Sides

3 Unforgettable (G)I-DLE B-Sides

(G)I-DLE has had an iconic discography since day one, and it doesn’t come down only to their title tracks; quite far from that. Through some of their most iconic releases, (G)I-DLE have given us nothing but bangers in their b-sides, and some of them still live rent-free in our heads. Here are three of those b-sides!

‘My Bag’ (I NEVER DIE, 2022)

(G)I-DLE’s big comeback with ‘TOMBOY‘ and their first full-length album, I NEVER DIE, can only be considered one of the most impactful releases in K-Pop history. The girls took over the scene with this one. And ‘TOMBOY’ wasn’t the only reason everyone talked about them. The hip-hop, fun, and addictive sound of ‘MY BAG’ had everyone in a chokehold. And to be honest, hearing all of them rap wasn’t in our 2022 bingo card, but their unique tones and rap styles, they absolutely ate. ‘MY BAG’ is historic.

‘Allergy’ (I feel, 2023)

We’ve rewatched the music video for ‘Queencard‘ so many times we can visualize every scene when we close our eyes. But it all started with ‘Allergy.’ Its music video served as the first part of the ‘Queencard‘ storyline, and the track was the first taste we got of (G)I-DLE’s I feel. And it did not let us down. This soft yet upbeat pop song is about feeling insecure, especially as a woman, in a world where we constantly compare ourselves to others. It’s vulnerable, but it’s also such an addictive song. (G)I-DLE gave us peak pop music with ‘Allergy,’ and she’ll always be famous.

‘Fate’ (2, 2024)

(G)I-DLE continued to take the world by storm in 2024. ‘Super Lady’ is already one of the most iconic releases of the year. And they absolutely dominated with the release of their second full-length album. We don’t seem to be the only ones obsessed because 2 entered six different album charts, including Billboard 200 – making it their fourth entry. (G)I-DLE are taking over the world and we’re loving every second of it.

But this release wasn’t only about ‘Super Lady,’ because ‘Fate’ also charted on Billboard Global Excl. US chart, and reached its peak in Korean charts even a month after its release. So yes: ‘Fate’ is also taking over and we’re so here for it. Because it might have been a month but we’re not even close to being over it. This b-side is fun, witty, yet has a dark and bittersweet side to it. ‘Fate’ is truly unique in (G)I-DLE‘s discography and has been one of our favorites out of 2 since day one.

What’s your favorite (G)I-DLE b-sides of all time? Which one is the most iconic? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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