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Music Rewind 2022: Olivia Rodrigo Shows Lowercase Girls Have The Most Fun

Music Rewind 2022: Olivia Rodrigo Shows Lowercase Girls Have The Most Fun

Olivia Rodrigo arrived on the scene last year through a purple wormhole of Y2K culture with her hit ‘drivers license’ being the tune that blasted from your car’s speakers whenever you turned your keys into the ignition. SOUR was inescapable musings from a then 18-year-old’s diary, yet it was everything that we wanted, and we do really mean everything! This year was no doubt the same. From taking home three Grammy awards to singing ‘Uptown Girl’ with Billy Joel, a moment she manifested to life from her other infamous tune ‘deja vu,’ she’s the role model every lowercase girl was looking for. What other awesome moments did her career have this year? Let’s find out! 


Whether it’s the flick of her wrist to create a black winged eye or to bedazzle her entire face in schoolbook stickers for SOUR’s album cover, Olivia Rodrigo’s makeup always calls to this one word: fun! Perhaps that’s why Glossier made her their first celebrity partner since their launch in 2014. Initially announced in April of this year, Olivia has gone on to collaborate with the company by coming up with her own Glossier beauty collection. Roaming around in a lavender mini beauty bag adorned with the silhouettes of vintage Glossier designs is an Ultraslip lipstick and a monochrome tin to choose which eye shadow palette you want inside. Maybe Olivia x Glossier Monochromes in Mist? What’s better to replicate Olivia’s signature purple glow than with an eyeshadow set featuring the color in matte and pearl shades? 

Awards Season

The fangirl dream is to go from watching your faves at award shows every year to being amongst them in the same categories. These moments were so important to Liv that she even passed out a butterfly-sealed envelope with her song title ‘hope ur ok’ scrawled across it to recipients like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles at The BRIT Awards. That night, she took home a souvenir herself, winning International Song of the Year. Of course, the awards season didn’t stop there, with Olivia winning other honors at both the Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards, one of which was Best New Artist.

driving home 2 u

As we’ve mentioned, with SOUR’s leading single making the most sense blasting from your car’s radio system with the title ‘drivers license,’ it was a no-brainer that the same vehicle association would follow through in a documentary centered around its making. driving home 2 u, found on Disney+ in case you’re looking for a rewatch, isn’t exactly a lap around the suburbs, but rather taking Olivia from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. It’s a trip she’s made various times in her sky-blue Ford Bronco, penning lyrics for tunes that feature on the album. To further implement its process, she then performs these songs in their finished form, though with a new arrangement in unique places such as the petrol station. 

Sour Tour

One of the greatest forms of anticipation is going from hearing a song you’ve marked as your favorite off an album using Spotify’s green heart system to it reverberating against the walls of an arena. Sour Tour was exactly that! It was so in-demand that it sold out within minutes. Those lucky few who grabbed a ticket showed out in true early 2000s style, with there even being a SOUR prom for her Detroit stop on April 23 to celebrate her opening act Gracie Abrams’ final night before she swapped over to ‘Thursday’ strummer Holly Humberstone. The tour lasted four months, ending on July 7, and stretching between American and British soils.

Met Gala

Butterflies have become such a motif for Olivia that she implemented them into her Met Gala look. As this year’s theme was In America: An Anthology of Fashion, her team set their eyes on the rocking edge of the 1920s, achieved through a Versace metal mesh dress and Jennifer Behr x Betsey Johnson silk organza butterflies threaded throughout her hair. 


At the age of 19, Olivia can tick another career record off of Guinness’ bingo card: Glastonbury’s youngest headliner! Her Saturday set started with the violin tranced ‘Brutal’ before becoming the viral sensation it was with the help of Lily Allen’s ‘F*** You.’ 

‘Let It Go’

High schoolers take on Frozen aside, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series ‘Let It Go’ is maybe the most appropriate episode title ever for a day oner’s character leaving the show. Just how did Nini say farewell to meet California shores? Of course, she met up with her bestie Kourtney and left opening night cards for the other Wildcats. Ricky’s even had a lottery ticket inside of it, an item he’s been aiming to complete from a bucket list that started at the beginning of the season. To make it so full circle, it all came together with a scene of Nini getting into a car, and if you don’t think that scene’s dubbed over with ‘drivers license’ by fans, then you’re severely wrong. 

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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Maybe when you think of Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain,’ visuals from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days immediately come to mind. Well, now, when the song begins, we’ll think of Olivia’s performance! For the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, she helped pay tribute to the artist within the company of celebrators Dolly Parton, Eminem, and Lionel Richie.

In Olivia’s Spotify Wrapped message for her top listeners, she announced new music coming in the New Year! Do you believe in the conspiracy that her sophomore album will be called Sweet? What about its sound–still following pop-rock? We’d love to hear your thoughts while we pretend it’s already here. In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date with every detail by following our social accounts, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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