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‘We Have No Secrets,’ We’re Gonna Shout About Our Love For Carly Simon

‘We Have No Secrets,’ We’re Gonna Shout About Our Love For Carly Simon

There’s no denying that Carly Simon is one of the most iconic singer-songwriters. But if you don’t believe us, we have one recommendation for you! You need to check out ‘We Have No Secrets’ from Carly Simon’s upcoming live album Live At Grand Central.

Well, we say “upcoming,” but that technically might be a little misleading; Live At Grand Central has been a long time coming! Cast your minds back to April 1995, when Carly Simon, for the first time in fourteen years, performed a full concert. What made this one so special though, was that it was completely unannounced and took place in the middle of Grand Central’s main terminal. Imagine that on your way home from work?!

‘We Have No Secrets’

‘We Have No Secrets’ has a special place in our hearts thanks to its complicated vulnerability – something that Carly Simon is arguably the very best at. The song showcases the never-ending friction between wanting complete honesty in your relationships and knowing that sometimes knowledge hurts and ignorance is bliss. Taken from No Secrets (yes, the album that also gave us ‘You’re So Vain’), ‘We Have No Secrets’ is a highlight in Carly’s discography, and we’re so happy it’s getting another moment to shine in this live version, released for No Secrets 50th anniversary.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Live At Grand Central will be released on January 27th on audio platforms, as well as on Blu-ray, which is a pretty iconic start to Carly’s 2023. This year has been huge for the megastar, too, with her induction to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame earlier this month. Carly was sadly unable to attend but, in a true testament to her legacy, Olivia Rodrigo, and Sara Bareilles celebrated in her place, with Taylor Swift leaving a video message too. Olivia even performed ‘You’re So Vain’ at the ceremony, which has quickly become one of our favorite covers of 2022.

Live At Grand Central Tracklist

1. ‘Touched By The Sun’
2. ‘Anticipation’
3. ‘I’ve Got To Have You’
4. ‘We Have No Secrets’
5. ‘Haven’t Got Time For The Pain’
6. ‘Jesse’
7. ‘That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be’
8. ‘Letters Never Sent’
9. ‘Legend In Your Own Time’
10. ‘De Bat (Fly In My Face)’
11. ‘Davy’
12. ‘Halfway Around The World’
13. ‘Like A River’
14. ‘Coming Around Again’
15. ‘Let The River Run’

If you’re as enamored by Carly Simon as we are, then you can watch and stream ‘We Have No Secrets’ right here.

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What are your thoughts on this live rendition of ‘We Have No Secrets?’ Which track on Live At Grand Central are you most excited to hear? Let us know all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or you can also find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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