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6 Things You May Not Have Known About Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Album

6 Things You May Not Have Known About Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR Album

We at THP have been buzzing about Olivia Rodrigo’s driving home 2 u – a movie all about her smash debut album – since she announced it, and we’re more excited than ever now that Disney+ has blessed us with a new trailer for the film. The documentary comes out on March 25th and gives us a glimpse into the making of SOUR, as well as reimagined live versions of all our favorite songs. We’re emotional just seeing the clips of studio footage in the trailer, and you need to watch it ASAP so you can get sappy with us.

With all our thoughts lately centering around SOUR, we thought it’d be fun to dig into some lesser-known facts about the album! So don’t be a ‘traitor’ – press play and keep reading!

It Was Supposed To Be An EP

It’s not uncommon for artists these days to debut with a standout EP – take our recent favorites like August Royals and Alix Page as an example – so it’s not a surprise that Olivia was originally planning an EP. But when she realized an EP couldn’t properly show off everything she had to offer, she went back to the drawing board! And we’re so glad she did, because SOUR is already one of our favorite albums of all time. 

Alexander 23 Produced ‘good 4 u’

The incredible Dan Nigro, who has also worked with artists like Conan Gray, was responsible for most of the production on SOUR, but did you know that Alexander 23 was also in the studio for some musical magic? He co-produced the smash hit ‘good 4 u,’ and Olivia later returned the favor by co-writing his track ‘Hate Me If It Helps.’ This is a duo we can’t get enough of!

‘drivers license’ Made Her Dad Cry

Do you remember the first time you heard ‘drivers license?’ Whether it was through TikTok videos or on the radio, the song truly stopped everyone like a deer in headlights to listen to its thoughtful lyrics and stunning vocals. And Olivia’s dad is no exception! He cried when he heard ‘drivers license’ for the first time, and honestly, same. Olivia told Billboard

I could just see the tears under his sunglasses — and I like, never see my dad cry, ever. I was like, “Oh, okay, maybe I did something here.”

Olivia Rodrigo

Yes, Liv, you did something! Something unbelievably beautiful, that is. To be completely honest, we still tear up to ‘drivers license’ every once in a while. 

She Tried Adding Love Songs

SOUR is one of the many iconic breakup albums of our generation, but it almost took on a different tone. Olivia tried writing love songs to break up the sad songs, before realizing it felt ingenuine and didn’t reflect where she truly was in life. We love that she stayed true to her vision and delivered heartache anthems like ‘enough for you’ and ‘happier’ in the process!

I’m a songwriter who writes from a place of authenticity and truth. And truthfully, love and happiness and everything weren’t feelings that I was feeling at the time. And what’s the point of putting out a record if it isn’t something that you feel is important to say to people?

Olivia Rodrigo to Billboard

‘1 step forward, 3 steps back’ Came From A Text Message

“1 step forward, 3 steps back,” sometimes with different numbers, is a pretty common saying, but Olivia learned it at just the right time.  It came in the form of a text message while she was on a road trip, and as soon as she got home, she started playing with different lyrics over the piano chords to Taylor Swift’s ‘New Year’s Day.’ We’d like to thank whoever sent that historic text!

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She Has Two Favorite Lyrics

It’s hard for us to pick our favorite lyrics on an album, especially one as jaw-dropping as SOUR, so we could only imagine that for the artist, it’s like having to choose a favorite child. But Olivia managed to do so – her favorite lines come from the album closer ‘hope ur ok’ and the heart-wrenching ‘favorite crime.’ Awesome choices, Liv!

Did you know these fun facts about SOUR? What are you most excited to see in driving home 2 u? We wanna know all about it, so let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Olivia Rodrigo content to keep you busy until the film comes out, click here



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