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Here Are The Agust D And SUGA Songs We’re Hoping To See On Tour

Here Are The Agust D And SUGA Songs We’re Hoping To See On Tour

We honestly can’t believe these words even as we’re writing them: Thee Min Yoongi AKA Agust D AKA BTS’ SUGA is going on tour. This is the first time member of BTS has embarked on a solo tour, and we are going to have no non-Yoongi thoughts from April 26th onwards.

We all know that BTS are some of the greatest living performers, and j-hope already proved that they all kill it on their own too, with his record-breaking Lollapalooza set last summer. With a discography as stacked as Yoongi’s is – and that’s without the 300+ anthems that BTS have released – we already know that this setlist will be the stuff of dreams.

Having said that though, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit there are a few songs that we are just that little bit extra excited about. ARMY have dreamed about seeing these songs live for so long, we can’t believe it might really happen! Because April 26th can’t come soon enough, we’ve put together this list of the songs we really, really hope make the setlist.

‘First Love’

Things we love: Yoongi’s music, and how much Yoongi loves music. SUGA’s ‘First Love’ from WINGS, is an ode to his childhood piano. This song makes us emotional at the best of times, but seeing it live in arenas and stadiums on a SUGA solo tour? A whole new level.


‘People’ is a true fan favorite from Agust D’s discography. Whilst it does, of course, make us think of that super wholesome VLive (or that acapella moment at SOWOOZOO), we have no doubt it would kill on a huge stage too.

‘Agust D’

It wouldn’t be an Agust D tour without ‘Agust D,’ surely? In fact, the intro to this track with its relentless drumming and impressive horn section is so good that we’re kind of hoping that this is the setlist opener. Plus, getting to scream “A to the G to the U to the STD” in an arena or stadium full of ARMY? Yeah, iconic.

‘Trivia 轉: Seesaw’

‘Trivia 轉: Seesaw’ on the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour was truly a cultural reset. It gave ARMY a chance to see Yoongi in a new light, and that wasn’t just because of his sequinned suit! This track might be a bit of an outlier to the rest of an Agust D tour setlist, but maybe that’s exactly why we need to see it.


The internet has been dying for ‘Daechwita’ live for so long, we can’t believe it might actually finally be happening! Thousands of ARMY screaming the chorus together would be legendary, but what we’re all really waiting for is that verse at 2:40.

‘That That’

Name a 2022 collab more iconic than ‘That That.’ Oh wait, you can’t! PSY and SUGA took over every social media platform with this track. We’ve only got one live Yoongi performance of this so far, and he looked like he was having the time of his life TBH.

‘Give It To Me’

There’s no doubt in our minds that ‘Give It To Me’ would blow our minds live. Plus, the opportunity to hear SUGA’s sarcastic chuckle live on tour would honestly be life-changing!

‘Tony Montana’

How are we supposed to live our lives without the opportunity to scream “I feel like Tony Montana” in an arena full of ARMYs? But that’s not even why we want this song on the setlist so badly, and you can probably guess where we’re going with this… Jimin’s solo album is due to drop in March and he’ll be on the promo circuit. So an Agust D tour seems like the perfect opportunity for a Yoonmin ‘Tony Montana’ 2023 version, no?

‘What do you think?’

‘What do you think?’ is another elite-tier track from D-2. The opportunity to shout “Eotteoke saenggakae?” in an arena with Min Yoongi himself has the power to change lives, actually.

‘Interlude: Shadow’

Ok, but imagine SUGA rapping “I wanna be a rap star” in stadiums and arenas across the globe on his solo tour. Dreams: accomplished! We think Yoongi is a rap star, rockstar, King, and everything in between. With the cancellation of BTS’ Map Of The Soul World Tour, we missed out on so many opportunities to see the MOTS:7 tracks live, so this is an opportunity to fix that!

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If you’re as excited about Yoongi’s tour as we are, then don’t worry, we’ve got the details you need. The tour begins in New York on April 26th before visiting five different U.S. venues and then traveling throughout Asia in May and June. ARMY Member presale and Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale registrations are open now here! Presales begin on March 1st, and we have our fingers crossed for you already.

Are you trying to get Agust D tour tickets? What songs are you most excited to see? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more BTS in your life? We’ve got you covered!



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