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17 Episodes Of Run BTS! You Need To Watch (Or Rewatch!)

17 Episodes Of Run BTS! You Need To Watch (Or Rewatch!)

ARMY hearts all over the world broke (again!) last week when Yoongi and Jungkook let slip that they have only one episode left of iconic variety show Run BTS!. We simply can’t cope with the tragedy of the show going on an indefinite hiatus, so we’re just gonna take this as an excuse to watch our favorite episodes all over again. “Which Run BTS! episodes are your favorites?” we hear you ask…

Well, wonder no more, because we’ve put together this list of episodes you simply need to watch, rewatch, and then watch again. We’ve told you that this list contains 17 episodes but we’ll come clean: some of these are multi-part episodes. Plus, it probably sounds obvious but it’s worth saying: we’ve tried to minimize it as much as possible, but this article does contain some spoilers.

Episode 24 – BTS vs Zombies

What better way to start this list than one of the most iconic episodes of Run BTS! ever? Maybe it’s cruel, but watching our fave septet lose their minds in terror over these zombies is hilarious, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Episode 41 – Golden Bell

Episode 41 contains thee “lachimolala” moment. It might be one of the most overused jokes between BTS and ARMY, but there’s a reason this iconic moment has stood the test of time!

Episode 51 – 50th Episode Special Part 2

Hobi is known for his larger-than-life reactions and 24/7 sound effects, and we can’t think of a better example than his reaction to riding the pirate ship at Lotte World. The Run BTS! editors definitely did him dirty in this episode…

Episode 56 – BTS Short Trip Part 4

Yeah, maybe going on a trip with BTS is on our bucket list, but we’ll settle for watching them have fun on one instead. The karaoke from this episode is iconic, but even more so is the sweetness of the letters they write each other at the end!

Episode 65 – BTS School Part 3

Another Run BTS! episode, another day of j-hope being betrayed. This time though, it’s not the editors out to get him, but the other members of BTS. Choosing laughter as Hobi’s “banned” word during this debate is just cruel. It’d be like if we were banned from talking about BTS…

Episodes 79 & 80 – 007 Operation

Considering what a close-knit team they are, you might not think BTS get such a kick out of betraying each other, but they really, really do. These episodes involve them running around an empty shopping mall to collect token cards, followed by them lying to each other for literally no reason. The last twenty minutes of this is better than any K-drama and will go down in ARMY history.

Episodes 84 & 85 – BTS Summer Outing Parts 2 & 3

This mini-series of BTS visiting a water park is some of the most iconic episodes in Run BTS! history. All the games they play here are hilarious, but nothing is as funny as the obstacle course, and the inevitable 6 vs 1 Defeat Jungkook game when he flexes his Golden Maknae muscles too hard. Plus the bonus secret gift swap at the end (especially Jimin’s!) is the emotional cherry on top of the cake.

Episodes 87 & 88 – Hangul Day Parts 2 & 3

Soulmates betraying each other? It’s more likely than you think. The 95z have a bond like no other, but that doesn’t stop Taehyung from trying to win. His ongoing betrayal is our favorite part of these episodes, beaten only by how legendary Jimin’s reaction is.

Episode 119 – Photo Story Part 2

From one set of soulmates betraying each other to another. Just in case you somehow haven’t seen it on ARMY Twitter, we won’t spoil who it is that betrays Jungkook in this episode, but we will say his reaction is truly iconic.

Episodes 120 & 121 – Reply BTS Village

Another Run BTS! episode, another opportunity for Bangtan betrayal. Nothing is funnier than the many, many times BTS have become suspicious and betrayed each other in mafia games. Jungkook’s indignance here, and his impression of Yoongi’s dad, live rent-free in our heads.

Episode 128 – Hello 2021

This might be one of the more lowkey setups for Run BTS!, but it’s also one of the warmest episodes ever. Bangtan (especially Hopekook) getting the giggles basically carried us through 2021. Plus we can’t talk about this episode without mentioning the Taehyung and Jin cheek kiss, or Namjoon’s harmonica-playing.

Episodes 131 & 132 – 77 Minute Debate

“Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same…” is pretty much how we feel about the 77 Minute Debate. It’s one of the most chaotic episodes in Run BTS! history, and that’s truly saying something. We’re laughing hysterically from start to finish, but our highlight has to be Jungkook secretly sabotaging the team.

Episodes 134 & 135 – Workshop Special Parts 2 & 3

Just like betrayal, another common theme in Run BTS! is the group trying, and often failing, to guess their own songs. This episode where they see a staff member attempting BTS choreo and then have to guess the song has us in hysterics every time.

Episodes 136 & 137 – Variety Quiz Show

As you can probably tell from this list, we’re obsessed with any time that BTS are quizzed. This quiz is especially loved thanks to Jungkook calling his mom, and her conversation with Jimin. If that wasn’t enough, we also get to see Taehyung’s encyclopedic knowledge of music, and Kim “King of Nonsense” Seokjin!

See Also

Episodes 140 & 141 – BTS x The Game Caterers

This collab with The Game Caterers made for some of our fave Run BTS! episodes ever! There are so many iconic moments in these eps, but our highlights have to be how quick BTS are to give up their own album (could never be us) and how tightly Jimin guards the mushrooms in their meal!

Episodes 156 & 157 – BTS Telepathy

BTS are telepathically connected? Tell us something we don’t know. This special episode sees the members using code words to head to memory-filled places in Seoul. Every time they reunite with one another we can’t stop smiling, and neither can they.

Episodes 158 & 159 – Fly BTS Fly

There are no other episodes we could’ve chosen to end this list with other than Fly BTS Fly. All seven of BTS have us in hysterics, but our highlight is Jin’s accidental spinning on the floor.

Seriously, 17(ish) episodes might seem like a lot, but it was truly a struggle to narrow it down this far. In all honesty, we’d recommend that you watch all 161 episodes on a loop until 2025, because that’s what we’ll be doing!

What’s your favorite Run BTS! episode? What will you miss most about the show? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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