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Ten Songs That Showcase BTS’ Kim Seokjin’s Best Vocals

Ten Songs That Showcase BTS’ Kim Seokjin’s Best Vocals

Look, every member of ARMY knows by now that BTS’ Kim Seokjin has some killer vocal chords, and know the moments to use them. Not only is his voice super smooth (like… nope, we’re not gonna say it), he also has the power and range that rivals any other idol, and we’re here to celebrate that! So, we’ve created this list of the songs we think contain Jin’s best vocal moments.


Because BTS are BTS, and they’re as grateful for ARMY as we are for them, they often celebrate their birthdays by giving us gifts. In 2020, Jin truly spoiled us by releasing the song ‘Abyss’ on SoundCloud. The song, like all of BTS’ work, is deeply personal and meaningful, telling the story of Jin’s feelings during the covid pandemic and throughout the success of BTS’ single ‘Dynamite.’


This list would not be complete without ‘Dionysus,’ nor would any “best song” list to be honest. But, this particular list is about Jin, and boy does he shine here. Normally a singer best known for slow-burning ballads, his voice is also incredibly well-suited to more rock-inspired songs. Plus, that screaming high note? Chef’s kiss.

‘Jamais Vu’

This subunit song from mammoth album Map Of The Soul:7 features Jin, Jungkook and j-hope, as well as some of the best vocal moments of the whole album. One of Jin’s biggest talents is his ability to convey emotion through his vocal performances, and he really shows that here from the very first note.


Now, what would this list be without ‘Epiphany?’ Completely void, that’s what. This song is a fan favorite for good reason. The emotional depth is incredible, and so is Jin’s storytelling. ARMYs really look up to Jin for his confidence and self-assuredness, so this song depicting his journey to that mindset is really treasured by us all! Plus, those runs at the end? To die for.

‘Stay Gold’

This is one of Bangtan’s best vocal performances, period. All four members of BTS’ vocal line sound incredible on this Japanese single, and Jin is no exception to that rule. His powerful vocals sound divine on this track, especially during the chorus’. Jin is the King of Ballads for a reason! BRB, we’re gonna go climb a hill and scream “Stay Gooooooooold” at the top of our lungs.

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‘Spring Day’

One of the most iconic BTS songs ever, with one of their most iconic vocal performances. We especially love Jin’s harmonies with Taehyung, and the two do an incredible job of setting the emotional tone. We’re particularly emotionally attached to this live version from NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.


Jin’s most recent BTS album solo track is absolute bop ‘Moon,’ a fan song dedicated to ARMY, all about how Jin (the moon) revolves around us (his earth). This song holds a place in all ARMYs hearts, not least for its beautiful harmonies. Plus, the emotional growth and character development from ‘Awake,’ to ‘Epiphany,’ to ‘Moon’ is a true joy to witness.

‘Permission To Dance’

Ok, so this one might seem like a bit of a curveball compared to the other tracks on this list, but stick with us! Yes, this is by far the most light-hearted song we’ve chosen, but something about Jin’s vocals on ‘Permission To Dance’ makes us beyond happy and sets the tone of the whole song. His vocal stability on the line “We don’t need to worry?” Un. Paralleled.


The King of Ballads strikes again! ARMY was truly blessed when Jin released this solo track in November for the soundtrack of K-Drama Jirisan. Once again, Jin’s incredibly rich vocals match perfectly with the simple piano track. We love his high vocals in the chorus contrasting with the much lower verses and the contemplative post-chorus “la-da-das.” In one word: cinematic.


Last but not least, we’re throwing it all the way back to the Wings era now with Jin’s first solo track, ‘Awake.’ Even way back in 2016, Jin was an incredible vocal storyteller. This song really gives Jin the opportunity to flex his whole range, and we love to see (or rather hear) it!

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We can’t resist giving honorable mentions to ‘Answer: Love Myself,’ ‘Fake Love,’ ‘Crystal Snow,’ and ‘The Truth Untold’ and so many more.

What did you think of our list? Any tracks that we’ve blasphemously left out? Let us know what you think Jin’s best vocal moments are over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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