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The 8 5SOS Songs That We Won’t Let Die

The 8 5SOS Songs That We Won’t Let Die

A decade into 5SOS’ career, there’s no denying that they’ve got some absolute bangers in their locker. The downside to having a discography *This Great*? Some gems get forgotten! But don’t worry, we’re here to rectify that. So, with this list, we’ve selected the 5SOS songs we think are criminally underrated and don’t get the attention they deserve!

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‘Disconnected’ is one of the greatest 5SOS songs ever made. In this essay, we will-. Ok, maybe we won’t write an essay, although we definitely could! This song truly is a gem, and it was such a clear tastemaker for 5SOS songs yet to come. 

‘Close As Strangers’

Ok, real talk. What was up with 5SOS during the self-titled era, hiding all these elite tier tracks on the backend of single EPs or special editions?! ‘Close As Strangers’ is one of 5SOS’ best angst bops, which they’re incredibly good at. Also, there’s just something about Luke’s voice in the bridge that hits different.


Sometimes we think about how Luke demoed the iconic “whoa-oh-whoa-oh’s” for this song whilst having a pee, and we have to sit down for a minute. Well, despite how it may have started, we think this 5SOS song is criminally underrated now. Yes, it’s from SGFG, an album so filled with icons that it can be hard to pick your faves, but honestly, this should be one of them. Plus, who could forget that guitar solo battle at Rock In Rio?!

‘Waste The Night’

An elite tier track from the fan-favorite album Sounds Good Feels Good, it sometimes gets (quite literally) skipped over because of the album interlude, but we’re here to stand up for it! ‘Waste The Night’ is gorgeous, and we love how much it shows 5SOS’ romantic yet rebellious spirit. This 5SOS song is truly underrated. It’s a bop, and so is the live version on the Meet You There Tour album. Please, the universe, let 5SOS get back on the road and play shows ASAP.

‘Empty Wallets’

Fun fact: this almost was the lead single for Youngblood. Until the band wrote ‘Want You Back’ at the very tail end of the writing process, ‘Empty Wallets’ was in the running, and we can totally see why! It’s a song that perfectly bridges the Youngblood and Sounds Good Feels Good eras. But, alas, ‘Want You Back’ was born – another bop tbf – and then ‘Empty Wallets’ didn’t even make the tour setlist… 


Be honest, you read the song title and the guitar riff immediately started playing in your head, right? That’s because ‘More’ is the moment. This song is literally built for foot-stomping and head-banging. It’s the ultimate live song! As Lady Gaga once said, “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same…”

‘Red Desert’

‘Red Desert’ is the only song on the first half of CALM that wasn’t a single, and tbh we can kinda understand why – there’s something about it that feels almost too personal to be played on the radio. A song about their relationship(s) with Australia, having not lived there for basically a decade; this song has a beautiful juxtaposition of very intimate storytelling and a massive, stadium-ready sound. 5SOS’ harmonies are, on the whole underrated by the general public tbh, and this song showcases them better than any.

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‘Kill My Time’

The fact that this wasn’t even included on the standard edition of CALM truly blows our minds. Ultimate synthpop banger, the opening lyric of “Wildflower, fingertips on me” perfectly ties it into CALM, and honestly, ‘Kill My Time’ could’ve even made it as a single in our books. Is it too early to start campaigning for a ‘Kill My Time’ and ‘Wildflower’ remix when 5SOS eventually get to tour again?

We just know we’ve missed out on plenty of gems here, 5SOS are just too good. What do you think of our list? Are we on the same page or are you seething with rage at what we’ve forgotten? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop.


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