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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 12AM Talks After Midnight, Collaborating, And Gives Advice On How To Cope

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 12AM Talks After Midnight, Collaborating, And Gives Advice On How To Cope

Hey there, is another sleepless night haunting you, and you can’t seem to sleep? Then we got the perfect companion for you right here. 12AM’s aim is to make music that just hits the hardest right After Midnight. And let us tell you we tried it and ever since we have become obsessed with his music!

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The artist just dropped his new EP After Midnight back in October, and we haven’t stopped listening to these songs on repeat (no regrets). They have become our most trusted companions during the day and at night. But 12AM hasn’t had it easy so far. Shortly after losing his mom at a young age to cancer and facing homelessness, the young artist made his way all by himself down from Toronto to LA to further pursue his dreams of making music. And we can confirm it was hard, but it sure was more than worth it because his music is our new favorite thing!

If you are ready to absolutely lose yourself in 12AM’s musical world and find out more about his inner thoughts, then read on because we had the amazing chance to sit down and talk with this big talented brain!

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‘Cold Season’ feels like such a personal and vulnerable song to open this EP with. We really get hit with the truth right away, and it’s pretty heavy, but we appreciate your honesty so much. We love to see this new 12AM that is open about his feelings, and we are really getting to know you better. What made you comfortable opening up through your music this time around? What would you tell someone who is struggling with something similar to what you went through?
That it gets better. For the longest time, I thought I would never be able to heal and get over losing my mom. It still is hard, but I just put everything I have into music, and it’s like I’m in survival mode 24/7. It keeps me grinding and never quitting. This was something that I learned from my mom when she was going through chemo.

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You worked with new collaborators and producers for After Midnight. We can confirm it resulted in some really dope music. Which producers would you love to work with next? Any fun studio moments? How did the pandemic influence the production of this record?
Worked a ton with Tarro, Omer Fedi, Boyfifty, Evan Gartner, and Mason Stacks. What’s amazing is these are my friends, and they are just insanely talented, so it never feels like work. I’d love to work with Benny Blanco, he’s one of my favorite hitmakers. The pandemic definitely was tough. I had so much music ready to go, and when it hit, it was a massive pause for everyone. I used to spend a lot of time making new music in my bedroom, like when I first started, and it’s a throwback to when I first started. So it’s amazing that now it will be able to finally come out.

The music video for ‘Voices’ is really visual and has a lot of meaning behind it. The idea of fighting our darkest parts, thoughts, and inner turmoil seems like a really scary thing to do. How do you control your inner demons in your day-to-day life? Any survival tips?
Just by letting emotions out and being honest with people, not holding it in. It’s easy to pretend to be okay on social media and show your best-edited self but I wanna show people that it’s okay to not be okay.

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‘Come Over’ is by far the most lighthearted song on the EP and did very well on TikTok. How did it feel seeing ‘Come Over’ be used on TikTok? How do you think TikTok and social media are changing the music industry?
It’s definitely changing everything. It’s an incredible life-changing app. I’ve seen many of my friends’ lives change instantly because of it. I think it’s just about adapting to the times and making sure you stay true to yourself but also being able to use what’s working now.

We were barely able to pick a favorite lyric from your new EP because every line is way too quotable but we landed on  “quarantining with all of my f*cking demons, suicidal thoughts like every evening” because it seems like it is just so incredibly raw and personal. It really hit us as many have been at this point in their lives as well. What is your favorite line from the EP? Which song do you want fans to pay attention to the most?
I don’t really want to pick a song. I think whatever hits people in the right way is what they should listen to. I put a ton of different emotions into all my music, and one song could relate to someone way more than another in different ways.

We have found ourselves listening to After Midnight after midnight, and we can confirm it hits differently and really suits the mood. What do you find yourself listening to after midnight? Do you do most of your writing after midnight as well to capture the mood?
After midnight is when all of your emotions come out. You could be the happiest you’ve ever been, the lowest you’ve ever been, in love, heartbroken, drunk, high, sober, alone, with someone… The city lights up the brightest after midnight. It’s just the most fascinating time for me.

Your songs can be found on countless playlists, even on Post Malone’s ‘posty’s playlist,’ which must be really cool to see. Who is on 12AM’s current playlist?
I’ve been playing a lot of Jutes, Tyla Yaweh, The Kid Laroi, Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd

12AM After Midnight
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It took four years for you to release After Midnight since your first album Afterparty. How did it feel to release a new record, especially under a big label? How much has changed in the past four years? Has your process of making music changed from your first album until now?
I write a lot of my stuff myself and usually record it as well. The process isn’t really much different, except I’m able to collab with some of the greatest.

It’s been a long journey for you. Starting in Toronto and making your way all the way down to LA. This journey is heavily reflected in your new EP After Midnight and manifests in you trying out a new sound. Can we expect you to try out new sounds for every EP? Or is this the 12AM sound?
I’m always making music based on how I’m feeling. The next project will have some new sh*t that I’ve never done before, but I always keep it in the same realm of what feels like me.

‘Drugs (I Feel Like Dying)’ is one of our favorite songs by you besides your new songs on the EP. Can you tell us the story behind this song?
That’s one of my favorite Lil Wayne songs from back in the day, and being a music nerd, I hit the original singer up who sang the sample he used. She loved my interpolation of the song and said we could use it. It’s one of my favorites I’ve ever made, and I’m happy it did so well.

You can be found in many writing credits of big artists, which just proves your impeccable talent at writing songs. Which artists would you love to write for next? Is there any song that you gave to an artist, but it fell through? Any song that was written for someone else, but you ended up taking it for yourself?
I’d love to work with Bieber or The Weeknd. I think I could really write some amazing music for them. I’ve written songs like ‘Lost’ for someone else and ended up loving how I sounded on it so much that I had to keep it.

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12AM After Midnight
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You had to really fight and face a lot of struggles not many people at your age have to in order to finally achieve your dream. We are really proud of you and thankful for your music. What would you like to say to 12AM from 10 years ago? And what do you hope to see 12AM doing in 5 years from now?
That everything you dreamed of happening will happen. I never really thought I’d be in the position I’m in right now. When you work hard, it just happens, and you don’t even realize it. I wanna start my own label, sign artists, and build an entire After Midnight world.

Lastly, we might be greedy, but with After Midnight keeping us going through sleepless nights, what can we expect from new 12AM music? Any spoilers you can share with us? 
Yeah, I got shows coming up and my first single to my album in a couple of months. I can’t say much about it, but it’s one of my favorite records I’ve ever made.

Well, now we are excited! A new single, an album, and shows are coming? We are in 12AM and ready to join the After Midnight world! Did you enjoy this interview as much as we did? Are you ready to spend your nights with 12AM? What’s your favorite song off of After Midnight? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or by commenting below! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: WMA Agency, Edited by: Afnan Acharki – THP Graphic Design Team

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