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Exclusive Interview: Taylor Felt On Being More Vulnerable, ‘Days Like This,’ And More

We love Taylor Felt especially on ‘Days Like This!’

K-POP HOTSPOT: August 2023 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

August was packed and we loved every second of it!

Exclusive Interview: Gabi Goldman Talks Her Debut ‘Body Heat’ And What’s Next

All we need is Gabi Goldmand and some ‘Body Heat!’

SHINee Is Back And It Goes ‘HARD’

SHINee are back in 2023 and it is everything we wanted it to be.

Exclusive Interview: jocelvn Talks ‘terms,’ Coming Out, And New Music

We hope to stay on good ‘terms’ with jocelvn!

B.I’s Never Stops Making Music That’s To Die For

We ‘Dare to Love’ B.I until the end of time!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: French Singer JAIN Talks The Fool And Performing On Live TV

JAIN went from being in our heads with ‘Makeba’ to bringing us ‘The Fool!’

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sophia Treadway On ‘Title’ And What Her Music Feels Like

Our new favorite track finally has a ‘Title!’

Exclusive Interview: Bianca James On ‘Monaco’ And Her Debut Album

We are ready for more Bianca James music!

Exclusive Interview: vaultboy Talks ‘way after forever,’ Collabs And Anime!

The king of sad songs is a must on our crying playlists!