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B.I’s Never Stops Making Music That’s To Die For

B.I’s Never Stops Making Music That’s To Die For

IDs! Wow, it has been a long time, hasn’t it? We can’t believe that we finally get to talk to you again about one of our favorite soloists: The Kim Hanbin has finally made his comeback, and with his second full album at that! We have been loving every little thing Hanbin has put out so far, and ‘BTBT’ is still on heavy rotation for us. However, the moment we got to hear his new single ‘TTM’ dropped in April, we knew that this will definitely be Hanbin’s year!

We have been actively avoiding videos of Hanbin’s performances of the new songs during his Hidden Stage concerts as we wanted to get the first full experience of them when To Die For drops, and may we say: we were not disappointed. The man never stops surprising us. Instead of giving us your classic music video, B.I provided us with an Episode Film that tells a heartwrenching story that connects all the songs of the album into one big story. His brain? It’s so, so big.

Did we exaggerate? Isn’t this a musical masterpiece?! Also, Hanbin’s acting skills make us want to see the musician in a drama ASAP, who do we need to call? We hope we also find a pink-haired girl that’s worth dying for because B.I just melted our hearts with this story. Yes, we cried as well, could someone lend us a tissue? C’mon, help a fellow ID out!

The Album To Die For Has Us Listening

The amazing musical film aside, let us talk about the music itself. It is amazing and so heartwarming for us to see B.I making June the month he treats us to new music, especially since June 2019 was a hurtful time for IDs and the artist himself. So, he makes sure to make the month now extra special by starting it every time with new and amazing music. To Die For is the idol’s second full album, and each song on this album is literally to die for. May we recommend you check out ‘The Island of Misfit Toys,’ ‘Beautiful Life,’ and ‘MICHELANGELO’ as these b-sides are so genre-breaking and amazing to listen to. Yes, Hanbin really outdid himself here.

Obviously, the entire album is a masterpiece in Hanbinnie’s already perfect discography, but we have to focus now on not one but two title songs on this second full album. The first title, ‘Die for love’ teams Hanbin up with the one and only Jessi. A legend on the scene and a fantastic addition to this fun and upbeat song (did anyone catch the ‘BTBT’ reference during her verse? We love to hear it). The second title, ‘Dare to Love’ is more of a melancholic B.I classic with the addition of an atmospheric verse delivered by BIG Naughty. Both songs are, in their own way, fantastic and really meaningful, delivering strong messages and B.I’s special lyrical work. We have had both title songs on repeat since the moment they dropped, can you blame us?

Join us and make sure to stream the entire album here.

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Honestly, ‘Dare to Love’ and ‘Die to love’ have such fun choreographies, so make sure you check them out as well! We will be here to enjoy this new album by the man with you, so make sure to catch us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or scroll through our Facebook and Instagram and tell us what your favorite song on To Die For is!


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