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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sophia Treadway On ‘Title’ And What Her Music Feels Like

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sophia Treadway On ‘Title’ And What Her Music Feels Like

Your playlist is running a bit dry? You need some new pop songs to vibe and drive to? Well, as per usual, honey bees, we’ve got your back! Sophia Treadway came into our lives only recently but we are sure she is here to stay for the long run! The LA-based young singer-songwriter just dropped a new single at the end of April called ‘Title’ and we made it the ‘Title’ of our lives, obviously duh.

Make sure you stream this catchy banger here!

Well, now that you know we are already huge Sophia stans, why don’t you join us and find out more about this wonderful human being in our exclusive interview with her below?!

Hey Sophia! Congrats on your new single ‘Title,’ we are addicted to the song already. What is your favorite lyric from it and why? 
I’m so happy you guys are loving it! This is a tough question, but I’d say these lyrics: “Been hanging out with you for a while, did we throw it all away for a title.” I’m going to say they’re my favorite lyrics because I think it sums up what the song’s all about. That story of heartbreak and how it can feel when your story with that person feels like it has to end when that title ends. While you still care about them and want to continue being in each other’s lives.

When you picked ‘Title’ for your next single, what made it stand out from the other songs? What made you decide that ‘Title’ was the perfect song title for it?
Releasing ‘Title’ just felt right with the timing. I felt like it was the song I needed to release next after ‘Kiss N Tell.’ I felt that listeners needed to hear it. We came up with the song title ‘Title,’ because the song is all about the pressure of putting a title on a relationship and how it feels like the end of a relationship with that person once you break up and no longer have a title with them.

We love how you incorporate both of your heritages into your music, could you imagine releasing a full Spanish single?
I’ve got some new music in the works, and it defiantly has some Spanish lyrics involved, but I definitely want to share both English and Spanish in music soon. I’m so excited about it.

Image Source: David Arellano

You have mostly released singles so far, which are all bops by the way, what would a full album by Sophia Treadway sound like?
I have so far only released singles, and one day in the future, would love to release an album. I think it would definitely have a pop sound but also incorporate my fresh pop sound with some possible Spanish reggaeton vibes in it as well.

Do you see colors associated with your songs? Or different degrees of temperature? For example, ‘Title’ feels like a warm hug to us! 
I for sure see that for ‘Title.’ I saw a lot the colors like light blue. In my artwork, my name and the color of the dress I’m wearing. Temperature-wise, I would say warm as well, just like a big comfort song!

If you had to pick one of your songs to show to a new fan first which one would it be and why?
I would say, either ‘close to me’ or ‘Title.’ I think they’re both great songs and something everyone can listen to and enjoy and mostly fit into the vibe most of my music’s direction is in.

‘Beside Me’ is an amazing and empowering song that you wrote for your fans and we are huge fans of encouraging people to be themselves. What is something people judged you for but you never stopped being yourself? Do you have a tip for shyer fans who struggle to stand up for themselves? 
That means the world to me, and ‘Beside Me’ was written for that exact reading, to empower my fans to be themselves. Growing up, people judged me honestly for making music and singing. I never let it get to me though, and instead continued to do what I loved no matter what people said, good or bad. In the end, my music career has grown and I’m happy I didn’t let the hate get to me. I would say my biggest advice is to only listen to the people who are cheering you on.

Image Source: David Arellano

We are curious about what Sophia is like in the studio! What are your recording rituals like? What comes to you first when writing a song? Where is the place you get most inspired?
I love being in the studio, it’s definitely my happy place. I’m always coming up with ideas for songs and writing them in my phone. I also will plan on what I want to talk about before I get into the studio. I’m definitely most inspired writing about my love life it’s the most fun to write about!

We know that you first auditioned for your first show at the young age of 5 with Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep!’ What made you choose that song? Which song would you choose today if you had a chance to go back and audition again?
I grew up listening to Adele in the car and loved singing that song as a kid. Looking back, I would have sung that song all over again for 5-year-old Sophia!

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Since our playlist is now just ‘Title’ on repeat, we need some new music to accompany this banger. What’s on Sophia’s playlist? 
I’ve got a lot of different songs on my playlist. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, SZA, Sabrina Carpenter, and Drake.

And lastly, the music scene is constantly growing, especially with the help of social media. How do you think you stand out from the rest? What is Sophia Treadway’s spark?
I would say even when I’m creating my music, I strive to create music that just feels right to me. I take inspo from lots of artists but I’ve created songs that are unique and nothing no one’s done before. I think it’s all about trusting your artistry and being true to yourself and what you want your sound to be.

Well, we can see Sophia definitely going far with her music. The potential and talent are certainly there! What do you think about ‘Title?’ Are you ready to be a stan? Tell us! Whether it’s FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, we’re always buzzing about something! 

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