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‘Nobody Gets Me’ Like SZA Does – Her New Album SOS Is Here!

‘Nobody Gets Me’ Like SZA Does – Her New Album SOS Is Here!

Want to know how to not release an album for five years but still stay relevant? Ask SZA! After five years, her latest album SOS is now available on streaming platforms! SZA is a GRAMMY award-winning, chart-topping and multi-platinum-selling artist whose new album is all the rage. Like her debut with Ctrl, SOS is taking the world by storm. From stunning visuals, jaw-dropping features, and beautiful vocals, SOS emphasizes strong emotions and vulnerability so listeners learn about SZA’s experiences with love and relationships. With a mix of soul, hip-hop, blues, and lo-fi sounds, SOS further shows the versatility behind her artistry and talent. SZA’s SOS is relatable and real proving that no matter how long the wait was, it was worth it!

‘Nobody Gets Me’ Music Video

SZA’s song ‘Nobody Gets Me’ from the latest album was given a music video adaptation and it perfectly emulates the lyrics. This song talks about the pain of moving on from someone. SZA tells how without her person, she feels stuck in limbo. Settling for a deadbeat, nobody but her ex seems to get her but they are no longer in her life. The lyrics tell a story of how she is so stricken with sadness that even seeing her ex with someone that isn’t her would be devastating. However, since the relationship has ended there is no way for the past love to know these feelings. This song is extremely relatable for anyone in any relationship and it’s why many people continue to love SZA’s music. She knows how to get you in your feelings and miss someone no longer in your life.

The Newest Album, SOS

From the savageness of ‘Kill Bill’ to the art of letting go in ‘Good Days,’ SOS imitates the stages of grief. SZA goes through all of the heartbreak, acceptance, and anger you could feel from relationships, resonating with many young people today. It’s no shock that her latest album is receiving high praise and will continue to do so as it is still on the rise. If you’re ever sad about an ex, feeling stuck after a breakup, or looking to let go, SOS is perfect for you. Make sure to check it out on streaming services and get ready for those features, Phoebe Bridgers is even in one of them!

SOS tracklist:

01 ‘SOS’
02 ‘Kill Bill’
03 ‘Seek & Destroy’
04 ‘Low’
05 ‘Love Language’
06 ‘Blind’
07 ‘Used’ feat. Don Toliver
08 ‘Snooze’
09 ‘Notice Me’
10 ‘Gone Girl’
11 ‘Smoking on my Ex Pack’
12 ‘Ghost in the Machine’ feat. Phoebe Bridgers
13 ‘F2F’
14 ‘Nobody Gets Me’
15 ‘Conceited’
16 ‘Special’
17 ‘Too Late’
18 ‘Far’
19 ‘Shirt’
20 ‘Open Arms’
21 ‘I Hate U’
22 ‘Good Days’
23 ‘Forgiveless’ feat. Ol’ Dirty B*stard

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Image Source: Top Dawg Entertainment

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