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How 5SOS Have Influenced Us Over the Years

How 5SOS Have Influenced Us Over the Years


Kings. That’s how we’d describe the members of 5SOS. These boys have been pumping out hits, bangers, bops, and jams since 2011, and have amassed a massive following of incredibly dedicated fans, affectionately dubbed, the 5sosfam.

5SOS have had a huge impact on pop culture throughout their years and we think it’s high time we finally appreciate their impact. Let’s take a look back at all the wonderful ways in which the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer have influenced our lives, spoke out on our behalf, and helped shape who we are.

First, though…

They’re influential

Yeah, they’re in the spotlight due to their musical talent. They, therefore, have access to a large social media platform with which to express themselves and their ideas, so are bound to rack up fans. But all these fans aren’t just following 5SOS for their music. Most of us, through tweets, keeks, interviews, and in-person interactions, have come to relate to the boys. 5SOS are influential because they’re relatable and oh so lovable. They’re kind, funny, humble, caring towards their fans, attentive to us, and so we tend to latch onto them as role models.

Now we mean ‘role model’ in a bunch of different senses. We take inspiration from or even directly mimic, their fashion sense, music taste, and sometimes their beliefs. 5SOS have even influenced our language (when we say Sounds Good we know your brain still says Feels Good) They’ve inspired fans’ art. They’ve provided us with a never-ending supply of memes:

And they’ve done all this and more simply by sharing the shining personalities and good hearts they each possess.

Seriously, why wouldn’t we stan them?

Michael actively using his platforms to bring important social justice issues to light:

We seriously just wrote a whole essay on how wonderful Michael Clifford is. From being a prominent advocate for mental health, donating to a fan’s cat’s eye surgery, and participating in a fan-led LGBTQIA+ project, Michael is truly a humble and giving person. It’s pretty easy to see why fans love him so much.

Calum sits and chats with fans during his lunch break:

Bonus: Cal bought tickets for some fans who couldn’t afford their show at the Forum. He also donated the full $3000 a fan needed to get her dog life-saving surgery. Cal’s typically very quiet and shows his love through his actions. He truly is Cal-Pal in real life, and in case you’ve forgotten, his superpower is that he tries to make everyone happy. What an angel. We don’t deserve him.

Ashton has always been there to pick us up on our worst days:

Ashton is such a strong member of 5SOS. Remember when he went around drawing butterflies on fans’ self-harm scars to remind them that they were loved and important and that they would be okay? He’s also a huge part of the reason ‘Broken Home’ even made it onto their second album, and we couldn’t imagine a world without a ballad as important to fans as that. His passion is one of the main driving forces behind 5 Seconds of Summer and the fact that he trended during the band’s performance at Fire Fight Australia is a testament to the energy and spirit he puts into every show.

And Luke, well, we’ll let the fans handle this one:

Whenever I’m sad I turn to him and find comfort. I feel like he’s kinda like me, personality-wise. He went from the shy kid to this amazing talented fearless rockstar. I look up to this dude so much because I wanna be like that too. I wanna be fearless.


He motivates me when I want to do something because I always remember the time when 5SOS was only one guy in his room playing the guitar


He stays true to himself regardless of what anyone, from fans to public opinion, thinks about him. He literally helps kids to understand how important it is to not break under the pressure of everyone around you


So that’s why we love and follow the boys individually. Each of them holds a special place in our hearts and we couldn’t imagine 5SOS without them. As a group, 5SOS has been able to have major influences over us too…

Let’s Talk Fashion

We know some of y’all still have your band tees, ripped skinny jeans, and flannel shirts with ‘IDIOT’ spray-painted on the back. Maybe you’ve stashed them at the back of your wardrobe and have opted for some more glittery looks, possibly inspired by 5SOS’s Youngblood album covers. Or maybe you’re stuck in the ‘Easier’ era with your sleek black fits with heavy chains.

Either way, 5SOS has managed to influence your style. Makes sense since the boys themselves are fashionistas (shout out to Luke Hemmings, a literal model.) The clothes you choose to wear are an important part of your identity and 5SOS have managed to influence so many of our identities through clothing.

Other ways they’ve helped us define our identity and express ourselves is through dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and various makeup designs. Some of you get so creative when it comes to 5SOS-inspired eyeshadow looks!

In Terms of Music

We all know 5SOS’s discography is phenomenal. But it’s also inspirational. Hence why it’s been tattooed on so many of us. Their lyrics are our lock screens, our Instagram captions, and reminders that we’re gonna be okay.

Our taste in music is another important factor in our identity. 5SOS has undoubtedly expanded many of our music tastes by introducing us to their influences, including blink-182, Green Day, All Time Low and so many more.

He even named it “For You, From Me”! Calum Hood > any man ever, sorry we don’t make the rules.

The band has had a huge impact on our other creative forms of expression, too. So many artists draw, paint, or sculpt 5sos-related pieces.

5SOS have influenced fans to pick up instruments of their own, too. They do care so much about sharing the joys of music with us. Not only did the boys bring fans onstage to play their instruments during the Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour, but Michael also created a guitar with Gibson which he hopes “is the type of guitar that is someone’s first guitar.” Countless fans have been inspired to make covers of their favorite 5SOS songs, and the band has always been incredibly encouraging of them.

Now Let’s Switch it up and Talk About Their Influence on Mental Health Activism

Sounds Good Feels Good has been described as “the definition of ‘you aren’t alone'” and “the album that saved some of their fans.” 5SOS were alerted as to just how many of their fans suffered from depression, anxiety, and loneliness while speaking to them on tour. At that period in their career, 5SOS could relate to those feelings and used their platform to explore mental health issues in their sophomore album.

Their goal was to normalize that it’s okay to not be okay, foster acceptance, encourage struggling fans to talk to someone they trust, and assert that going to therapy is healthy and normal.

See Also

They even went as far as creating The New Broken Scene, which they called “a movement that will hopefully inspire positivity.” It was a safe space for their fans to speak openly, escape their worries, and just feel loved and accepted. The Safety Pin Heart artwork for their anthemic song ‘Safety Pin’ became a prominent symbol for solidarity among the 5SOSfam during this era. It was meant to represent “the bond between the band and the fans” and resonated so deeply with some fans that they got the symbol and accompanying lyrics tattooed on their bodies. Here’s a quick clip of Ashton’s heartfelt speech at the live-streamed New Broken Scene concert.

We’re not sobbing, you are. The New Broken Scene had a profound influence on fans’ relationships with both themselves and with the band. It was an era we’ll never forget as we continue to grow alongside 5SOS.

But 5SOS haven’t used their voice to speak out just on mental health. Over the years they’ve shown support for the feminist movement, the LGBTQIA++ community, HIV/AIDS activism, The Climate Reality Project, Red Nose Day, and anyone who may feel rejected by society. It’s no wonder so many of us gravitate towards this band.

Most recently 5SOS have been speaking out on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In 2019, the band started Friends of Friends “as a vehicle to create a community on a local and global level, raising awareness and money for a variety of causes while celebrating the people and projects who inspire us.”

They’ve since launched merch ranges and donated the proceeds to causes like Safe Place for Youth. Recently, they partnered with Haitian-American trans artist Sanyu Nicholas to launch a range of merch in support of Black Trans Lives. Profits will be donated to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, which protects and defends the human rights of Black transgender people.

One fan had this to say on 5SOS, “Now THIS is incredible and the exact reason I love this band so much. You guys stand for the right things and put your words into actions.” Yes, they do, and their activism just fuels and furthers our own, and vice versa. They’re such a positive influence on the world, and us.

5SOS has always encouraged us to be our true and best selves. Many of us have seen an increase in self-esteem with them behind us. Others may have found confidence in addressing their mental health. Thousands have found a family in the 5sosfam, and have grown alongside these talented and kind-hearted young men, as we discovered our identities through them. They’ve influenced us in so many more ways than we may have realized, and influenced the world around them as they spoke out against social injustices and encouraged us to do the same. They will always hold a special place in our hearts and have truly given us some of our best years.

What’s your favorite 5SOS memory? Share them with us by tweeting @thehoneypop or visiting our Facebook page.






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