QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These Unreleased 5SOS Songs?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know These Unreleased 5SOS Songs?

Do you think you know 5SOS? Why not put your mind to the test and dive deep into the early 2010s to relive your younger years by finishing the lyrics to these throwback songs. Do you recognize any of these songs? Take this quiz to find out, and good luck!

It’s well known to all of us that 5SOS has had an extensive journey so far. Everything from their first-ever EP Somewhere New to their most recent album CALM (which we all know every single word to, of course!).

Let’s take a moment to reflect. What better time than now?

Over the years, 5SOS has grown immensely! They were on tour with One Direction for a while and performed some of the songs from this quiz live, so there’s a good excuse to sharpen up your knowledge or even reminisce on the old tours if you were one of the ones lucky enough to attend. What a time! As they started to headline their own tours they gained more confidence and the crowd that followed only got bigger. They have been some of the most dedicated, passionate people. Do you remember the flannels, the vans, piercing our lips in the hopes that they would think we’re cool?… Did you catch that little ‘Try Hard’ reference there?

We hope we’ve got you nostalgic and maybe even a little bit emotional. Sorry about that, we do mean well, promise. It is good to have a cry every now and then.

So, what did you get? Are you the top of the class and the 5SOS expert of your friend group? Or do you still have a little studying up to do on all the awesome content we’ve received from the boys through the years? Either way, drop a comment below or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP and let us know how you scored! We would love to hear your stories and journeys with the band.

Desperate for more awesome 5SOS content? We’ve got you covered. And we’ll work hard to keep you full of content until we’re blessed with 5SOS5!


Featured Images Source: Andy DeLuca for Billboard

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