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The Lyricist, LØLØ, Talks ‘death wish’ and Her Inspirations

The Lyricist, LØLØ, Talks ‘death wish’ and Her Inspirations


If dark-pop is your thing allow us to introduce you to an artist you’re going to fall in love with! Meet LØLØ! She’s an incredible artist that time and time again blows us away with her honesty in her music. A lot of her music does have a darker theme but come on who doesn’t love a little bit of that?

LØLØ recently released her single ‘lonely & pathetic’ and we have had it on a loop! It’s such a relatable track that we want to just scream the lyrics a little too loud. Shortly after that release we were blessed with ‘death wish’ which is just as self deprecating in the most relatable way!

We got to chat with LØLØ about all things relating to music and quarantine and just loved everything she had to say! Check out our chat below!

Image Source: Justin Alexis

We have all been in an off mindset lately, lots of self-depreciation! Did that mindset stemming from the last year or so in a pandemic play a role in the songwriting process of ‘lonely & pathetic’?
Oh 1000 percent. I actually wrote ‘lonely & pathetic’ right at the start of Toronto’s second lockdown— we were officially getting back into complete isolation again and I was feeling super down about it. I picked up my guitar and messed around with the chorus of ‘lonely & pathetic’, to send to my producers to make them laugh! They ended up loving it and then we finished it up right away and put it out. 

What can you tell us about ‘death wish’? How long was the process of creating the song? 
I wrote ‘death wish’ in an afternoon at a studio with DCF & my producers, Benjamin Thomas & Giordan Postorino. We wrote the song pretty fast- it started out with the idea of “I can’t keep a plant alive” and relating that to not being able to keep relationships alive either. We were dying of laughter pretty much the entire time, just saying all of this ridiculous shit. It’s basically a really messed up way of telling someone you love them. The original demo was completely acoustic, but then we decided it needed to go harder, so we added a bunch more instruments.

TikTok has been a huge platform for you, what do you think it is about the app that has been such an incredible vessel for your art? Why do you think so many artists are turning to TikTok?
Tik Tok is great because there’s no gatekeepers or anything— you just need to create compelling content and then it will most likely get seen/heard. It really puts the power back into the creator’s hands which I think is amazing. For me, it’s just been really awesome to connect me to a bunch of people that enjoy listening to my music, and that’s really all I could ask for in life!

Your reimagination of Taylor Swift’s ‘Betty’ blew up! Besides ‘Betty’ what is another song of Taylor’s that you think would be interesting to reimagine?
Yeah, that was insane! Oh wow, great question. I think ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’ would be a great one…in fact, you just made me put that on my list, haha. I’d love to know what Drew really thought about Taylor 😉

Image Source: Justin Alexis

Toronto has bred some incredible musicians! What is the music scene like there? How did it play a part in making you into the musician you are today?
The music scene in Toronto is really great— it really is all over the spectrum in terms of genre. There is just constantly good music being created, and in a non-pandemic world, tons of live shows happening at all times. That definitely played a part for me, because I actually started out by just going to a bunch of open mics around the city.

When it comes to genres we’ve seen so many thrown around in terms of your music, do you have a specific genre that you think you best fit into? Or are you more on the side of letting your music exist in whatever space?
I’m such a lyric person, that I feel like what defines my songs are my lyrics. I try to always keep that special and unique attitude in my songs, regardless of the production. I would definitely say that the pop/punk thing has been active in my music from the very beginning though, which is what I’m really leaning into right now. My first ever song, Yours, had super punky guitars. I love to have fun/upbeat songs to rock out on stage to, but I also love to write slower emotional songs too.

When writing a song like ‘lonely & pathetic’ do you automatically know how you want the song to sound? Does it instantly click or do you play around with different sounds until you know you’ve got it?
Oh, it usually NEVER instantly clicks right away haha. ‘lonely & pathetic’ is one of the few songs that really did click from the very beginning though. Usually, I have like, 10 different versions of my songs until I finally find the vibe I’m happy with.

Image Source: Justin Alexis

With live shows having been on hold for over a year now, is there something that looking back you took for granted about playing live music that you are now looking forward to fully soaking in and appreciating when things align for live music to come back?
Um, YES. EVERYTHING. Seriously everything about live music. It’s so crazy because, like everyone, I never thought live music would not be a thing. Virtual shows freak me out a bit, because I hate not being able to see my audience. I miss that energy when you walk out on to a stage, I miss seeing people in the audience sing along, or dance or cry. I miss hugging people after the show!!!

As a songwriter we know all of your songs hold a special place in your heart but is there a specific lyric you’ve written that will always stick out to you?
Oof this is a hard question. I personally feel like my best writing was in my song dead inside— it was also the first song I put out that was written completely by me, rather than in a songwriting session, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. (I’m sorry I couldn’t pick a lyric but at least I picked a song…THAT WAS HARD)

When you look back to ‘Dead Inside’ and compare it to a song like your next single ‘death wish’ what is the biggest artistic difference you personally can see in yourself?
I laugh because I realize I have dead and death in a lot of my titles (and my next single after this is called ‘die without u’) but I swear I’m OKAY lol. I guess stylistically the songs have definitely evolved, but it makes me happy to look back and see the essence of my lyrics and how I tell a story has stayed the same 🙂 

We know that with ‘Dear First Love,’ you said you were scared of the reaction if the guy you wrote it about ever heard the track, so we have to follow up! Did he ever end up hearing the song?
HE NEVER. SAID. ANYTHING. I haven’t spoken to him in a very long time….I really was expecting a text, but I got nothing. I actually have no idea if he ever even heard it…I really hope he did. I’m assuming someone must have sent it to him. My best friend told me I should send it to him… but I don’t have the balls.

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Image Source: Justin Alexis

We hope you loved hearing from LØLØ as much as we did! Be sure to check out her newest single ‘death wish’ here!

What is your favorite LØLØ track? What’d you think of LØLØ’s newest single, ‘death wish’ Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Justin Alexis and BiBi Lara

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