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Six Of Our Faves Who Were Inspired By The Beatles

Six Of Our Faves Who Were Inspired By The Beatles

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no doubt that The Beatles are one of the most iconic bands of all time. Their legacy has lived on for over half a century, and there’s no shortage of artists they have influenced. So, here are some of our fave artists who have been inspired by The Beatles!

Miley Cyrus

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Miley has covered The Beatles on more than one occasion. First, in 2014 she sang ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ in collaboration with The Flaming Lips and Moby. Then, more famously, she covered ‘Help!’ last year for Global Citizen’s Global Goal: Unite for Our Future virtual concert. There were some incredible Miley covers in 2020 – shout out ‘Zombie,’ ‘Heart of Glass,’ and ‘Gimme More.’ Miley has always been great at taking influences and making them her own, and The Beatles are no exception!


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In 1964, The Beatles had their first performance on US late-night television on The Ed Sullivan Show, where they performed ‘Twist & Shout.’ Fast forward 55 years and BTS had their first late-night television appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, filmed in the same theatre. For their performance of ‘Boy With Luv,’ BTS paid homage to another one of the greatest bands of all time, recreating their staging, right down to the logo on the drum kit. Host Stephen Colbert even got on board, playing as the late Ed Sullivan in a skit about BTS-mania. See what they did there?

The timing of their performance was also particularly special. Just a month before, BTS became the first group since The Beatles to earn three number-one albums on the Billboard Top 200 in less than a year!

Nick Jonas

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On Valentine’s Day 2018, Nick posted a cover of ‘Til There Was You’ (originally from a Broadway show but covered by The Beatles in 1963) on his Instagram, saying The Beatles rendition was one of his “favorite love songs.

Also, way back in 2010, the Jonas Brothers performed ‘Drive My Car’ in front of Paul McCartney at the White House. Want to know something that makes the performance even more special? Paul apparently directly requested that they perform that song!

Lady Gaga

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Funnily enough, back in 2009, Lady Gaga compared The Beatles and the Jonas Brothers, saying the JoBros represented “the return of the superfan,” just like The Beatles once did. In the same interview, Gaga said The Beatles’ iconic album Abbey Road inspired her song ‘The Fame,’ because of their ability to mix joy and sadness.

Lady Gaga is one of the artists whose Beatles inspiration keeps on coming. She also covered ‘Come Together’ at the 2015 Democratic National Convention. In the same year, they were in the studio together, supposedly working on a song for Paul’s upcoming animated movie, High In The Clouds, currently scheduled for release in 2022.


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Long before the “are 5sos a boyband or are they not?” debate waged on, the OG boyband was paving the way. ‘High,’ the closing track of 5SOS’ incredible 2020 album CALM, was inspired by The Beatles’ ability to mix conflicting emotions. Talking about the odd nature of the song, frontman Luke Hemmings told Apple Music: “I had these chords in my head; I really wanted a Beatles-esque song with quirky chords. I like how narcissistic it is but in such a sweet and unassuming way.”

Taylor Swift

Image Source: Mary McCartney for Rolling Stone

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Taylor Swift has cited The Beatles as artists she’s inspired by so many times, saying in 2012, “[Paul McCartney’s] music makes me feel there’s more good in the world than we think, and maybe love can really exist in a pure form.”

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The two icons have a lot in common, especially their incredible storytelling abilities, so it was a very special moment when the pair appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone last December. The biggest lesson Taylor says she has learned from The Beatles is their respect for their legacy and the wishes of their fans, saying that even if she’s played a song 300 million times if it’s what the fans want, she’ll play it for the 300-million-and-first time.

Honestly, The Beatles’ influence is never-ending and we could’ve gone on with this list forever. Who are your favorite artists inspired by The Beatles? Who would you love to see try out some Beatles-influenced music next? Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Andreea Farcas- THP Graphic Design Team

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