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You’ll Have ‘No Shame’ Blasting 5SOS’s New Album CALM

You’ll Have ‘No Shame’ Blasting 5SOS’s New Album CALM


Fully opening the floodgates to a new era, 5 Seconds of Summer have released their 4th studio album, CALM and it’s just as incredible as you think it is.

The album starts off with just the band’s voices and a guitar. Setting the stage for the long-awaited project. The first track, ‘Red Desert’ reminds us just how versatile the band’s range is, as it sounds completely different than any of the recent singles.

We then go into ‘No Shame,’ which was released as a single just last month. The lyrics offer a somewhat somber meaning but it’s perfectly disguised with the upbeat grooves of the instruments.

5SOS were busy last month, as they also released their single ‘Old Me‘ which follows the previous track and quickly changes the album’s tone. The beat drop in the song is incredible and really pulls the whole thing together (shoutout to Ashton Irwin, you absolute legend). With the lyrics symbolizing reflection and looking back on your past to celebrate the future, it only makes sense to add the song on an album named after the band members themselves, as CALM stands for Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael.

Opening us to the beginning of this new 5SOS era, ‘Easier‘ has held a near and dear spot in our hearts. Debuting in the summer of last year, it let us dip our feet into some of the more electronic sounds the band plays around with in CALM and it also reminded us of the band’s vocal range, as lead vocalist, Luke Hemmings, really shows out with some killer falsettos.

Continuing the line of singles, we come upon the next track,’Teeth,” that was also released in 2019. Giving us major rock vibes with a little bit of grunge thrown in, you’ll feel the bass in your bones as you scream along to the lyrics of this hit.

The layering in this album is astounding, and you will hear different parts with each and every listen. Take ‘Wildflower‘ for example, the next song on the tracklist and released two days before the rest of CALM, the 5SOS Fam was blessed with the single and it has quickly become one of our favorites on the album. Switching it up, this song’s lead vocals go to Calum Hood, and it was definitely a great move in our opinion, as his soft yet sultry vocals give the track just what it needed.

Doing a full 180, the album goes into ‘Best Years,’ a slow ballad telling a sweet story of falling in love and giving someone the best years of your life. No, we’re not crying.

Short staccato-like lyrics envelop the next track, ‘Not In The Same Way,’ telling another story, but this time it’s a little sadder, as the band sings on about loving someone more than they love you. With a simple yet prominent drum beat and repeated, trace inducing bassline you will definitely be dancing along to this one.

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Opening with a few soft piano notes and progressing to a sweet guitar riff, we dreamily follow the words to ‘Lover of Mine,’ but don’t be fooled as the deep beat drop hits at the perfect time. And let’s not forget about those angelic vocals as we are carried into ‘Thin White Lies,’ which is in a world of its own. You’re hit in the face with a hard backbeat, after the hypnotizing bass intro before Hemmings takes us on a ride with his vocals showing his flawless delivery.

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Dominated by a simple guitar riff and powerful vocals we are given, ‘Lonely Heart,’ that gives off a little country feel as the band speaks on going through a heartbreak, but of course, in the familiar 5SOS manner, they give an infectious scream-worthy track super emo lyrics.

Ending the album with ‘High’ we are taken down a super sad winding road, and we are swerving in our tears tbh. The lyrics, “I hope you think of me high/ I hope you think of me highly,” will be stuck in your head for days to come and you can really pick up Michael Clifford‘s vocals when we get that layering in the last track to bring everything full circle.

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5SOS fully delivered with CALM and we are going to have it on repeat for the rest of 2020. Has CALM been released in your country yet? If so, let us know your favorite track in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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