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We’ll Tell You What We Like: 5SOS’s Wildflower

We’ll Tell You What We Like: 5SOS’s Wildflower


Opening with an angelic harmony full of the band’s flawlessly blended vocals, 5 Seconds of Summer set the mood perfectly, dragging out our anticipation to hear the rest of the new track, ‘Wildflower.’

The band has been teasing the song for a little while now, with it having a slightly longer snippet in the album trailer and then announcing it being released as a single earlier this week! 

Dominated by the vocals of Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings, the upbeat song will make you want to smile and dance around with your first listen, and we’re sure you’re going to have it on repeat.

“We wanted to make the chorus kind of a choose-your-own-adventure, where some words are left out and then accentuated by these big stabs of synth. It lets everyone come up with their own interpretation, and fill in whatever they think those missing lyrics might be.”  

Calum Hood explains ‘Wildflower’

Singing about finding the one you always want to be with, and how you love everything they do, Hood starts the first verse off with, “I hear you callin’ up my name/ I love the sound, I love the taste,” giving his vocals a sultry drag as the beat in the song picks up.

He then also takes over the pre-chorus with his soft yet powerful voice that will have you lingering to every word he says just by its tone, as the dreamy guitar and drum beat pulls you into a trance.

With the harmonic entrance of ‘Wildflower’ stuck in your head and the fun energy of the track running through your body, we can only imagine how great the rest of CALM will be.

Stream ‘Wildflower’ on all platforms here

Released on Friday, CALM will be 5SOS’s 4th studio album, and with their last album, Youngblood, debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 in the US and Australia, we can’t wait to see what records the band breaks this year. 

‘Wildflower’ is one of the many 5SOS songs that mention flowers, and while half of the world waits for the single to drop at 12am their local time on all streaming platforms, we have a list of 5SOS songs to get you in the mood.

‘Try Hard’
“She’s got a rose tattoo but she keeps it covered”

“Blood on my shirt, Rose in my hand”

Want You Back’
“I remember the roses on your shirt,
when you told me this would never work”

‘Everything I Didn’t Say’
“Flowers I should have bought all the hours I lost”

But that’s not all!

As the band gears up for the album release, 5SOS have partnered with the app Calm. This app is a wellness and health brand and our fave Aussies will be sharing FOUR remixes on the app, I know, we’re shook too! How incredible is that?

Each remix was thoughtfully crafted by a different member of the band with Producer/Remixer Matt Pauling who also produced album tracks ‘Red Desert’ and ‘Lonely Heart.’

The ‘Easier’ remix comes from Michael Clifford, ‘Old Me’ from Calum Hood, ‘Best Years’ from Luke Hemmings and ‘Red Desert’ from Ashton Irwin.

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Not only are we stoked for new versions and interpretations, but the fact that this is being done through an app that helps SO many of us fills our hearts and makes us love these guys even more … something we didn’t realize we could do any more than we already do!

You can download the Calm app via this link or by going to your App Store.


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Featured Image Source: 5 Seconds of Summer via Twitter

Written By: Mar Maldonado & Jodie Rose-Loren with help from Ashley Bizzell

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