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5SOS Take Us Into An Introspective Dream With ‘Take My Hand’

Take your hand? You don’t have to ask twice! 🤝


We Definitely Had ‘Fun’ with Terror Jr at SXSW

If you want to have ‘Fun’ you need to grab a ticket to see Terror Jr on tour.


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THP Premiere: Feel a Spark With Lemonade Baby’s ‘Electric Girl’

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Here’s Why Calum Hood Would Make The Best Friend

Calum Wins The Best Friend Award

Get The ‘Scoop’ On Roy Lenzo: The “Do It All’ Producer

Check out the man behind some of our fav bops.

5SOS Furthers Our Nostalgia With The Video For ‘2011’

One word, Calum Hood.

Michael J Woodard Reminds Us To Stay ‘hope full’ With His New Music Video

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QUIZ: Which Calum Hood Bass Are You?

Calum’s had a bass to fit every aesthetic he’s dressed in over the years, which one are you?