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A Walk Through Christian French’s Songs Are Less ‘Lonely’ With The Mastermind By Your Side

This interview will do the opposite of ‘bring you down’

We Are Burning This ‘Love Letter’ With Knox In This Exclusive Interview

This is a letter we would never burn.


INTERVIEW: Isabel Dumaa Has The Voice To Cure A ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

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INTERVIEW: SKAAR Shows The Darker Side Of Finding Self-Worth With Mad Woman (Part One)

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Kit Major Is Feeding Us Well With This Double Single Premiere

We have the sweetest new music for you right here!

Jenna Raine

Jenna Raine Hits Us Where It Hurts, In Our Big Dumb Heart

Our ‘Big Dumb Heart’ has us crying big dumb tears.


Stop And Listen To Chris James In ‘The Race’ We Call Life

It’s okay to lose ‘The Race’ if you enjoyed the journey.


Life Falling Apart? joan’s Got The superglue

If you feel like going on an emotional rollercoaster, we got you.


Jump Into A Dream With dayaway’s ‘ocean blues’

Get us to the beach rn.