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INTERVIEW: SKAAR Shows The Darker Side Of Finding Self-Worth With Mad Woman (Part One)

INTERVIEW: SKAAR Shows The Darker Side Of Finding Self-Worth With Mad Woman (Part One)


The dreamy vocals of SKAAR have blessed our ears yet again, and this time in the form of her album, Mad Woman (Part One)! This album is taking us on a journey of the ups and downs of life through catchy lyricism and hauntingly memorable stories. Releasing part one of her two-part project, SKAAR shows us the darker and lighter sides of learning to believe in yourself, a topic everyone can always use a refresher on.

Relating to her fans on the struggles of life that many go through, it’s effortless to find yourself in SKAAR’s lyrics, which isn’t always an easy feat. We got to pick her brain on how she was able to put these thoughts into words and give us the masterpiece that is Mad Woman (Part One) in this exclusive interview! From discussing the creative process behind her latest album to opening up about her own life experiences, SKAAR provides insight into what inspired this project and how it came to be.

When did you know you wanted to follow a career in music, and what pushed you to release your first single?
In a weird way, I think I’ve always wanted to do music. I don’t remember an exact moment, it has just always been there. And I really don’t know why but I love that it’s always been like that!!

I don’t think anything or anyone pushed me to release my first single, I just had been writing songs for many years and I couldn’t wait to show it to the world. So when I finally had a song that felt like the best debut. It just all felt so natural!

How has your upbringing in Norway impacted your style of music and songwriting?
I haven’t really thought about that before! I guess every upbringing makes an impact later in life. I was a very sensitive child (still am haha) and I was ashamed of that a lot and felt kind of weak. I think that drove me to write music because that was a safe space where I could feel everything and anything without anyone judging me. I think that’s now my biggest strength in songwriting, that I’m very open and use music to get through stuff.

What artists do you think impacted you the most when creating your sound?
100% Coldplay from the very beginning. Coldplay is the reason that I started making music and I think a lot of the ways Chris Martin sings has also made an impact on the way I sing. Also Florence + The Machine. But when I became a teenager, I started listening to Banks and she is my favorite artist now. She has definitely impacted my music a lot these last years.

You recently released Mad Woman (Part One). Can you discuss the decision to create a two-part album and how do the parts relate to each other?
It really felt like two parts. The songs have two different vibes and I really wanted the songs that were darker to not be outshined by the lighter ones, so I decided to make it a two-part album.

What song do you think fans will be most surprised with on part 2?
Hmm.. probably a song called ‘Follow your heart.’ It’s a really fun one, that’s one of my favorites!!

Can you discuss the concept of womanhood and how it is explored in your new album?
I feel like as a woman, you’re taught to follow the rules and not do anything crazy. If you stand up for yourself or stand for what’s important to yourself, it’s easy to be seen as emotional or unstable. I’ve struggled with this a lot, and I’m still working on myself to be better at listening to myself and my body, and not let anyone tell me how to act or what to do. This album is about exactly that, the journey to become better at following your gut and to stand up for yourself.

Your album explores some powerful messages. What role do you think pop music plays in our culture, and how can it be a source of empowerment?
I think pop music can play a huge role. I feel like as an artist we have a responsibility because we can reach out to a lot of people and some people even listen to us and look up to us. I feel like we can be more honest in pop music than we have been, and by doing that we can set an example for everyone – it’s okay to be vulnerable and to go through things. ‘Cause we’re not alone in it!

Your single, ‘Something Like This’, was written after a therapy session. Can you discuss the importance of mental health and self-care in the music industry?
I feel like it’s the most important thing in the music industry, and in every industry. If I’m not doing okay, I won’t be able to do my job properly. And that’s how it is for everyone! Health and mental health should always come first.

What was your experience like writing the album and having to revisit and confront past trauma?
It has been very challenging but also alleviating. It’s weird to go through old memories and try to untangle sh*t that you haven’t really dared to take a close look at. It’s hard but when you’ve done it, it will feel a lot better, and I feel like by doing that my long-term mental health will be better.

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When can fans expect part 2? And what can they look out for for the rest of 2023?
After the summer! I’m really excited to show it, and I hope people like it as much as me. For the rest of 2023 I’m gonna be touring a loooot. This is the year of touring for me! So hopefully I’ll get as many people listening to my music as possible. I’m excited!

We know one thing, we’re going to be waiting at the edge of our seats for Part Two! Especially if we can expect more of the empowering messages and vulnerability in SKAAR’s music that we all have come to love!

What did you think of SKAAR’s new album? What themes do you hope she brings to part 2? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

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