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girlfriends Are Giving Us Life With Over My Dead Body

girlfriends Are Giving Us Life With Over My Dead Body

To put it plainly, sometimes a breakup just makes you feel like death. Tear-filled nights bleed into each other, emotional pain manifests into physical pain, and you’re not sure whether you’ll ever be able to fully forget them. And the perfect songs can make you feel less alone in what you’re going through. That’s where girlfriends step in with their comforting new EP, Over My Dead Body, which takes us through the wide range of emotions you feel after breaking things off with someone you cared about.

As you listen, you’ll feel like Travis Mills and Nick Gross just get it. From anger, to sadness, to frustration and loneliness, there’s a little bit of everything on this project and it’ll definitely help you feel better if you’re dealing with a breakup at the moment. You can tell they poured themselves into each of these songs and it makes the EP such an immersive experience! 

The EP is filled with post-breakup anthems injected with attitude and angst that anyone who’s experienced heartbreak can relate to. If revenge was a power chord, this is what it’d sound like.

Travis Mills

Over My Dead Body kicks off with ‘Talk!,’ an energetic song about that feeling when you find out your ex is still talking about you. It’s a tricky situation to navigate, especially when you wish nothing more than that their “mouth had a lock,” but at least you can get a pretty amazing song out of it! Sometimes you just have to let them be and focus on your own life and growth instead of letting the negativity get to you. Such an important reminder!

“Miss me with ‘I miss you’
‘Cause I’m never gonna miss you…”

We’ve had the title track ‘Over My Dead Body’ in our lives since March, but we still get that same first-listen excitement whenever we revisit it! This song leans into the macabre while declaring that girlfriends would only get back together with their ex over their dead bodies… honestly, relatable. When love dies out, you get a sense of clarity and can properly reflect on the ups and downs of the relationship. 

We also love how the “I don’t ever wanna talk” lyric connects to ‘Talk!’ to show the contrast between these two former lovers – while their exes keep talking about the breakup and rehashing the past, girlfriends just want to move forward and find their own closure. 

“Let’s pretend we’re ghosts
See who gets scared most…”

With ‘Life’s a Brittany,’ girlfriends get a little more sentimental, spinning the saying “life’s a b*tch” and really getting into how the breakup has affected them beyond the initial anger. It reflects on how love can sometimes feel like a game and how we can get hurt even when we think we’re being careful. It’s a nice, sassy-yet-sad moment in between the more angsty songs on the EP, showing the depth of the feelings that come with heartbreak and how girlfriends can perfectly balance each and every one of those emotions in their music.

“Wear my heart up on my sleeve
‘Cause I don’t know when to leave…”

Finally, things are starting to look up on ‘Thanks Anyway!’ This track is all about Travis and Nick officially choosing to leave their exes in the past and reject any future advances that might tempt them. It feels like that turning point in a coming-of-age movie where the main character realizes they really do deserve the life they’re dreaming of and regain motivation to get there! Let this song fuel your own main character moment, because there’s more to life than a broken relationship that’s got you trapped in your memories. 

“Don’t come around, ‘cause I can’t turn you down
And I’m just learning how to be almost happy…”

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If there’s a moment of closure on Over My Dead Body, we think it’d definitely be ‘Plastic,’ a look back at the relationship the EP explores and why it failed. It doesn’t place the blame on one person in particular but highlights the dysfunction and mismatched energy that popped up throughout that time. Once you get all the post-breakup anger out, you can really think about where exactly things went wrong and get more insight about not only what you can’t accept in a partner, but where you can improve your own mindset for your next relationship. 

“Maybe I have a chance, but it’s not with you
Not enough tissues for when I miss you…”

Throughout Over My Dead Body, girlfriends really showcase the heart they put into each and every one of their songs, and it’s such a moving project that’s bound to make you feel less alone in your own heartbreak. Pain can be debilitating, but it can also fuel something bigger than your darker moments, and that’s exactly what Travis and Nick have perfected with this EP. 

Now we wanna hear from you! What do you think of Over My Dead Body? Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more sweet music recs, click here


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