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EXCLUSIVE: girlfriends Tells Us All About So What?! Fest And Their New Album, (e)motion sickness!

EXCLUSIVE: girlfriends Tells Us All About So What?! Fest And Their New Album, (e)motion sickness!

We are back again with another interview and this time it’s with a fresh, new band that is making waves, girlfriends! With their latest album release, (e)motion sickness, we had the chance to sit down with them and learn more about how the band came together, their set at So What?! Music Festival last month, and their upcoming collaboration with violinist, Lindsey Stirling.

Image Source: Courtesy of girlfriends via Twitter
Image Source: Courtesy of girlfriends via Twitter

Tell us a bit about yourself and how girlfriends came to be? 
I saw an Instagram story of Nick saying he missed being on tour. I had taken a 3-4 year hiatus from releasing any music from myself and shared that same sentiment. I called him immediately and we chatted and agreed to meet up at a studio to listen to some inspo and think about what the band would be. We were on the same page and started to make some songs when the pandemic hit and that gave us an opportunity to lock in and really find out what gf could become. 

You recently played at So What?! Music Festival in Arlington, TX. What was the standout moment for you during that weekend? 
Honestly seeing how many fans showed up to see us play first. Opening up a stage is always a guess whether there will be fans there or not, so it was awesome to see such a large crowd for a 1 pm slot on a Sunday. 

Your new album was released on June 17th, how would you describe the album to someone who has never listened to your previous work?
A journal entry about love, life, and what comes after. A discussion of mental health and the way we view the world around us. It’s nostalgic yet future-driven at the same time. And we’re just getting started…

Would you say there’s been a big difference in creating the songs on (e)motion sickness versus your self-titled album
No, the process was fairly the same. I think the only difference with this record is we allowed ourselves more time and wrote more songs. 

Speaking of, we love the title (e)motion sickness, how did you come up with that?
I love finding words and flipping them on their head. We all know what happens if you go too fast or spin around in circles, but no one talks about how love and heartbreak can make your stomach feel. There was something in the title that captures how this album feels. 

What songs from (e)motion sickness are you most excited to play live? 
I’m super excited to play ‘Toothbrush’ live off the new album. It’s such a high-energy song and is the opener to our new album, so we’re stoked to start playing it at shows. 

You’ve worked with John Feldmann, who is an absolute legend. Do you have a favorite memory or a piece of advice that he gave you during the recording process? 
One day we were recording and Feldy took us down to his golf course down the street so that we could play a few holes. He isn’t an amazing golfer but took us out to get away from the recording process for a few. We were on the first hole and we look over and Feldy is butt naked on the tee box only wearing his shirt gearing up to tee off in front of the clubhouse. It was truly unbelievable. 

You’ve already worked with Travis Barker and you have an upcoming collaboration with Lindsey Stirling. What can you tell us about that? 
It was a totally random day in the studio and Feldy is friends with Lindsey so he brought her in to play some violin parts over a few tracks and we ended up having the best hang in the studio together that day. We brought her into the room to lay some parts over a simple beat we programmed and the rest is history!

It really came together nicely at the end of the day but was different from how we normally start songs. We took a lot of her parts and had to almost figure out the best parts for specific areas of the song. It was like a violin puzzle piece putting together the final outcome. Basically all of Lindsey’s parts are incredible, so we wanted to do the song justice.

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Which of your songs do you think sounds the best live or is the most fun to play? 
‘Toaster for a Swim’ is coming together really nicely. It’s a new one off the album and rips live. 

If you had to pick 3 tracks from (e)motion sickness to be in a movie soundtrack, which ones would you pick and why? What genre of movie would it be?
‘High Again’ – stoner comedy finale scene song 
‘Scared’ – crazy car chase, action and adventure movie song 
‘Therapist’ – the romance drama, film noir, it’s mysterious and oddly sexual 

We loved chatting with girlfriends and finding out just a little bit more about them and their newest album, (e)motion sickness. Have you had the chance to listen yet? What is your favorite song so far?

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