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Exclusive Interview: Finding Lindsey Stirling, With ‘Lose You Now’

Exclusive Interview: Finding Lindsey Stirling, With ‘Lose You Now’


While making her first appearance on America’s Got Talent ten years ago, Lindsey Stirling instantly gained the attention of everyone watching. They couldn’t take their eyes off of the dancing violinist. Not only did she showcase her talents on AGT but also over on her YouTube channel. It all helped skyrocket her to stardom. As her videos, whether on YouTube or videos of live performances, are all viral-worthy. Her fans and the world get to luckily witness her amazing talent, on multiple platforms. 

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‘Lose You Now’ is the latest track and project from the oh so talented, Lindsey and Mako. The song reflects losing a loved one and the effects of it. It’s a very emotional filled piece, from the violin to the lyrics, each making up this great piece. By the way, you can read our full thoughts on the track, here. But that’s not the only exciting thing she’s involved in. Lindsey will be going on the Artemis Tour North America 2021 tour, which has the tracks from her 2019 album, Artemis. Along with ‘Lose You Now.’ 👀 You can check out all the details and where to get your tickets, here

We here at The Honey Pop had the opportunity to converse with the platinum-selling entertainer, as she discusses her newest track ‘Lose You Now,’ and also what the year has in store for her. Check it out below!

So, you’ve been in the music scene for a little while and have millions of followers online, for those recently discovering you, can you tell us how you knew you wanted to play the violin? Do you have a story of when you heard the instrument for the first time?
I don’t remember the first time I heard a violin. However, some of my earliest memories revolve around the orchestral music my dad would spin on his old record player as my sister and I spun around the living room. I especially loved dancing to the Scheherazade suite.

What would you want to say to the younger generations getting into classical music?
Classical music will always be classy and to me it will always be the apex of musical excellence. If you can play or compose classical music, you’ve got the foundation to do whatever you want.

Why do you think it’s important to appreciate the classical arts such as classical music and dance?
It’s important to appreciate because it was the predecessor of all the arts.

Your videos always have such stunning imagery that truly elevates the experience of listening to your music, what inspires these visuals and how do you capture the emotions of the music so well with them?
I feel like my music is only half the picture. The song is never quite complete until it is married with a story, scenery, or some kind of visual to complement it. So I put just as much thought, time and attention into making those videos.

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And you recently played ‘Crystallize’ while hanging by your hair which was absolutely mindblowing to watch, where did this idea come from? Did anyone think this idea was far-fetched and what went into preparing for a performance like that?
Well, let’s just say my managers say I cannot go to anymore Cirque Du Soleil shows – that is where I saw it done for the first time. Yes, everyone who cares about me practically begged me to quit as they watched me train and struggle. I practiced 4 times a week for two and a half months and every time I began my practice, tears would stream down my face because of the pain. It felt impossible at the beginning of every single rehearsal and I’d have to convince myself each time that I could do this. It was the most mind over matter thing I have ever done.

Your newest track, ‘Lose You Now’ is a beautiful reimagining of your instrumental track ‘Guardian’ and, with the added emotive vocals and heart touching lyrics reflecting a very relatable narrative of loss & grief, it makes it a very personal experience for you and the listeners. What prompted you to work on this with Mako and what was your reaction upon first listening to the finished track?
I actually wasn’t aware that he was working on it. I had worked with Mako previously and I’ve always loved his work.  The first time I heard it, I was shocked and actually started to cry before I’d even finished the first verse.

Which lyric from ‘Lose You Now’ is your favorite or resonates with you the most?
Mako was able to capture what I was never quite able to put into words. I’d tried several times to write about grief, but a lot of the songs ended up as instrumentals ‘cause I couldn’t find the words. I love the line “Even though we’re not so close here, maybe you could pick me up still.”

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When writing pieces like your current single ‘Lose You Now’ that is in memory of your father, best friend and baby niece, how do you balance being open but not oversharing those emotions with your listeners?
I don’t. Haha! I feel like I usually overshare. I usually end up being too much of an open book and most times tears will come. What can I say, I wear my emotions like an artist.

How do you imagine ‘Lose You Now’ for your upcoming tour? Do you think that song would resonate differently than others live, post-COVID?
We were planning on ending the show with “Lose You Now.” It’s emotional but it leaves people with hope. I am also so excited the Mako is planning on coming out and performing it with me on the tour!

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And it’s been almost a decade since you embarked on your journey with such a unique sound – a master blend of violin melodies with electronic beats. What’s next for you this year either music-wise or outside projects? Is there anything on your bucket list you want to try or exciting projects you’re currently working on?
I am not sure actually. I think a lot of artists are feeling uninspired and I’m definitely one of them. I’m trying to work towards sharpening some of my skills. I’m working on learning to produce and I’m starting to work on a play. Hopefully, one of these offshoots will hit some creative inspiration.

We loved talking to Lindsey about ‘Lose You Now’ and her other projects and can’t wait to see what else she has in store for 2021. What did you think about our interview with Lindsey? Let us know in the comments down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or over on Facebook or Instagram!

You can find where to stream ‘Lose You Now,’ here!


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Featured Image Source: F. Scott Shafer and Bibi Lara

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