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5 Things We Learned From Harry Styles’ Better Homes & Gardens Interview

5 Things We Learned From Harry Styles’ Better Homes & Gardens Interview

If there’s anything we know Harry Styles does well, it’s a good surprise. It’s also magazine covers. Put them both together and you get Harry gracing the cover of Better Homes & Gardens, a surprising pick for his first cover of the new era and yet perfectly fitting. With the You Are Home website and the Harry’s House album being written at home over lockdown, it would make sense for him to pick this magazine. So many of us have found a home with Harry and this feels like a nod to that.

Not only did Harry grace the cover, but there is also a full-length interview spread for us too. It feels a little more intimate than past interviews have. Maybe it’s just us or maybe it’s Harry letting his guard down a little bit but the interview has a comforting tone. We’ve also learned a lot about H so we’re here to give you the lo-down.

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Image Source: Tim Walker for Better Homes & Gardens

Harry Likes Cold-water Swimming

Starting their interview near an all-year pool, Harry divulged that he is a keen cold-water swimmer. Cold-water swimming has been proven to release endorphins and has helped many manage their mental and physical health. It sounds envigorating but we’re not so sure we’d try it ourselves! Harry and anyone who does this is braver than us – sounds chilly! We’re glad H has an activity that makes him feel good. Maybe we’ll try it once the weather warms up a bit…

His Current Goal? Living In The Moment

Whether this is through swimming or other activities, the lockdowns gave Harry time to reassess what was important. It’s sad to think that when the world shut down it was his first chance since leaving home that he let himself do nothing, but we’re glad he did. Harry moved in with a group of friends and stopped everything for 6 weeks. It gave Harry a chance to reconnect with himself and look at himself in his relationships with others and that he wanted deeper, more meaningful connections with people. This has also trickled down into his songwriting!

Image Source: Tim Walker for Better Homes & Gardens

The Soundtrack To Songwriting

Harry has talked a lot in the past about listening to the music of those who inspire him while he’s songwriting. This time though, Harry wanted the album to be authentically him. So no Bowie or Joni Mitchell! Harry’s been listening to classical music only. Kind of reminds us of writing school assignments and trying to listen to anything that we couldn’t sing along to or get distracted by. Easier said than done so props to Harry for committing to it!

Home Really Runs Through The Album

As we said, this interview was pretty intimate and that’s a running theme here. Harry has said the album “sounds like the biggest and the most fun, but it’s by far the most intimate.” It’s not just about a house in the literal sense but what makes a home. Mentally, physically and spiritually. We thought Fine Line was pretty intimate so we’re a little scared for our emotions come May 20th. Tissues will be on hand. We’ve got our therapist on call. We’re ready.

Image Source: Tim Walker for Better Homes & Gardens

He Wants His Private Life Private For Now

We all know that while the One Direction years were life-changing, fun, and full of beautiful moments, the boys also experienced a lot of unfavorable things and weren’t always treated the way they deserved. Harry‘s learned that it’s okay to not share every facet of his personal life and that we’ll still support him. We just want Harry to feel comfortable with the boundaries he’s set and hope that as a fanbase we can all respect them. Let’s flip the phrase and Treat Harry With Kindness. Boundaries are healthy.

Now there is so much more to be said but we don’t want to spoil the whole interview for you! You can check out the online edition here. If you want to get your hands on a copy of the Harry Styles edition of Better Homes & Gardens it is available for pre-order now! We’ll leave you with this quote about Harry because he’s never been described any better:

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What was your fave interview moment? Let us know in the comments or come have a chat with us on Twitter! We have so many to discuss. We’ll also be around on Instagram and Facebook. We love hearing from you so come say hi!


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