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Here’s A Rising Artist You Need To Check Out For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

Here’s A Rising Artist You Need To Check Out For Every Letter Of The Alphabet

Is there anything quite like the thrill of discovering an amazing new artist? We think not! And lucky for you, we at THP always have our eyes and ears open for rising stars you need on your playlist. So grab your earbuds – here are 26 artists spanning all different genres that you need on your radar! 


Au/Ra is already working with producer and writer CJ Baran, known for his songs with Melanie Martinez (‘Pity Party,’ ‘Cake’) and Carly Rae Jepsen (‘E•MO•TION,’ ‘Store’), so you know it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a pop superstar! She’s only 19 and is already amazing at perfectly curating her feelings into catchy hooks and melodies you won’t be able to get out of your head. We love her youthful perspective and sleek yet quirky style.

“‘plz don’t waste my youth’ is about how young people kinda grow up so quickly in today’s society. I think seeing everyone’s highlight reel on social media has raised expectations on us. When you turn 18, you’re supposed to have figured out what you want from life, but that’s not how it works. Personally, I sometimes felt I wasn’t getting to enjoy the time I had as a teenager, because I was plagued with the worry of being successful enough and having it all figured out.”


For Fans Of: Julia Michaels, Hey Violet

Blue Violet

Indie rock duo Blue Violet are experts at storytelling and finding new ways to connect with listeners through vivid lyrics and imaginative concepts! The group is comprised of husband and wife Sam and Sarah Gotley, and their connection definitely benefits their musical prowess. They pull you right into their escapist world on songs like ‘Poster Girl,’ which describes a woman looking back on various adventures in her life and finding her place in a chaotic world while refusing to pander to what others want from her.

“‘Poster Girl’ is a song about fighting back. The character it centers around resists objectification, defends herself from evil, and keeps whatever company she sees fit – in the chorus she finds herself the leader of a group of drunken sailors that accompany her on her voyage… As the writing process went on we felt that a dystopian, Orwellian setting was perfect for the female protagonist: weary traveler, fighter, lover, and savior all rolled into one.”

Guitarist Sam Gotley

For Fans Of: Mitski, Snail Mail 


Slowly taking over K-POP Twitter, CITI is a rising R&B singer-songwriter from Seoul, South Korea. CITI has been connecting with and slowly growing his fanbase by releasing cover videos of songs by Justin Bieber, Billie Eilish, BTS, and IU. Through his YouTube, he also shows off his colorful personality with various behind-the-scenes videos and fun vlog content. 

Debuting in 2018 with his song ‘Empty,’ CITI has released a slew of hypnotic R&B singles with lyrics about his youth, love, and simplicity of life. With stripped-down production, listeners can focus on his soulful vocals and the lyrics which are co-written by CITI himself. CITI kicked off 2022 with the release of his latest single ‘Talk,’ a stunning follow-up to his 2021 song ‘I Can’t.’

For Fans Of: WOODZ, Suho, and Chen of EXO


With a sleek guitar and soulful lyrics, dhruv will effortlessly sing his way onto your list of favorite artists! He merges the introspective vibes of bedroom pop with the polish of fluttery R&B in such a fun way, making the perfect soundtrack to lazy mornings doing some self-reflection or sunny afternoons running errands. And lucky for us, he just dropped an entire EP, rapunzel, that addresses topics like growing up and finding your identity.

rapunzel is a scrapbook I’ve kept during a really important few years of personal growth. The title is in reference to a lyric in the closing track [‘grateful’], which talks about our childhood selves often being our least inhibited and truest selves. In many ways, I think this project is about me trying to find that version of myself.”


For Fans Of: ASTN, Daniel Caesar


For the angsty internet kids out there, you need Elko on your radar! He’s an alternative artist from Toronto who’s making waves with slick instrumentals, heartbreaking lyrics, and emotional vocals. Part of what’s so special about them is their bond with fans – Elko regularly streams on Twitch and has a Discord server to connect with listeners. So if you stan him, you get a new favorite artist and a new friend all in one!

For Fans Of: phem, Brakence


Fable has been unapologetically bad*ss since her days in the ‘Womb,’ and we can’t believe she has less than a thousand YouTube subscribers! She touches on subjects like mental health with a velvety grace and gorgeous vocals we can’t get enough of. Even with a fairly dark aesthetic and mood, there’s an airy quality to her music that balances it out. Her next single is due on February 18th, so keep an eye and ear out!

For Fans Of: UPSAHL, Amy Winehouse

Gareth Dunlop

This Irish singer-songwriter pours a piece of his heart out into every song he writes, and his captivating single ‘Look Back Smiling’ is no exception. It’s a heartfelt letter to his young son with a groovy bassline and uplifting lyrics about the importance of seizing every moment and special memory you’re given. The adorable music video stars both his son and daughter, and we love the creative family atmosphere Gareth has created!

“I wrote it as a message of sorts for my son. In these weird pandemic years, I had noticed him retreating into himself. He’d missed out on most of his first year at school and bypassed an important year of making those first connections with would-be friends. It set my head off in a direction of wanting him to grab life by the horns and be as much of a kid as possible before the real trials and tribulations of life seeped in. In a time when it was hard to be a normal kid, I was desperate for his young sense of wonder and childlike fearlessness to rule his heart.”

Gareth Dunlop

For Fans Of: Ed Sheeran, James Blake


Stuck somewhere in the heavenly in-between of alt-rock and indie, HARRY WAS HERE infuses modern pop-punk guitar tones with a laid-back, blasé style of singing that lets the music speak for itself. His most recent EP, Some Things Never Change, features a collab with post-hardcore rockers Senses Fail entitled ‘Weight of the World.’ And if that song can’t be described as the new face of alternative music, we don’t know what can. We definitely see this song blaring across rock music radio stations garnering both a youthful and older fanbase. He’s just that versatile!

The idea that new rock music is sour and unoriginal is put to rest by artists like HARRY WAS HERE. And it says a whole lot when already-established rockers in the genre choose to collab with him. If this artist is any indication of where alternative music is headed in our future, count us in completely.

For Fans Of: jxdn, nothing,nowhere

Indii G

Combining elements of pop, rap, and indie rock, Indii G is a unicorn of an artist and constantly pushes himself to be the best artist and person he can be. Indii has writing, production, and engineering credits on his latest track ‘Hampton,’ and if that doesn’t prove how hard-working he is, we don’t know what would. It’s such an optimistic song we can’t get out of our heads! He’ll definitely go far if he keeps refining the fusion sound he already has on lock.

“It’s never too late to fix any mistakes you’ve made in the past. Keep trying and don’t give up, it gets better. [‘Hampton’ is] about rekindling a lost flame; looking back on my mistakes with this person, realizing how we’ve grown from it and how we’ve come back stronger.”

Indii G

For Fans Of: iann dior, Powfu

Jeremiah Moon

If you love string instruments and modern indie pop-rock, Jeremiah Moon has you covered! He’s a classically-trained cellist and just dropped his debut EP, Sputnik, touching on topics like mental health and mortality with a grounded elegance, unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. There’s an honesty and vulnerability in his lyrics that sets him apart and gorgeously complements his cello playing. 

“‘Sugarbrain’ is a word from the back of my brain, a tic to hold onto when the lights go out. There have been moments in my life where things felt like they might keep getting worse without ever turning around. So far, luckily, that fear has been found hollow every time. This song was written to myself as a way to reckon with that feeling when it swings back around.”

Jeremiah Moon

For Fans Of: Mumford and Sons, Lindsey Stirling 

Kelsy Karter

If Kelsy Karter isn’t one of your favorite ladies in rock, you need to check her out ASAP! You may know her from the Harry Styles face tattoo prank she pulled to promote her explosive single ‘Harry,’ but her entire discography is so flawless that we’ve honestly considered our own Kelsy face tattoos. In a male-dominated scene, Kelsy offers a fresh serving of femininity with a side of kick*ss edge we can’t get enough of. And her lyrics? Unreal!

For Fans Of: Harry Styles, Micky James

Lexi Jayde

At just 19, Lexi Jayde is a promising singer-songwriter who has stellar potential to excel and shine through in the big leagues of the music industry. Her raw single ‘drunk text me’ is making waves on social media thanks to its resonating appeal to Gen Z. It’s a poignant, evocative acoustic ballad exploring the sad and tumultuous emotions we feel post-breakup. The narrative brilliantly conveys the pain of heartbreak and exudes a sense of vulnerability that draws you in and strums the strings of your heart. Lexi is an exceptionally talented and introspective songwriter who eloquently expresses the sadness one experiences while going through an aching heartbreak, both through her lyrics and her emotive voice.

In the aftermath of a breakup, we often seek closure, want answers to things left unsaid, and wait for a drunken text from our ex – perhaps anyone who has experienced this can relate to this song. We are sure Lexi will take the world by storm, and she is one of the artists you need on your radar!

For Fans Of: Sabrina Carpenter, Olivia Rodrigo

Mae Muller

We’ve been obsessed with “Billboard Chartbreaker” Mae Muller for a while now, and we’re so glad we managed to jump on the Mae train as it was leaving the station! From her performance on Liam’s Payne’s LP Show in 2020 to selling out her first headline tour, and from her performances at Reading and Leeds Festival and the Z100 Jingle Ball, to her chart-climbing track ‘Better Days,’ Mae’s future is exploding. Plus, she’s just an absolute gem! We “Mae” or “Mae” not have fallen in love with this 24-year-old Kentish town star. Are you ready to join us? Check out ‘Better Days’ with the incredible NEIKED and Polo G… but wait, there’s more! Remix it! The trio have been joined by none other than Colombian superstar J Balvin for the brand new remix of this earworm of a track, and we think you’ll love it! Check it out here!

For Fans Of: Dove Cameron, Dua Lipa


Despite their name, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS will give you all the bubbly main character vibes! Gabi, Perrin, and Tammy have such a fresh take on modern pop, offering a fun dose of nostalgia on songs like the throwback anthem ‘club penguin.’ If you’re into that blingy Y2K aesthetic, their track ‘bev hills’ will make your Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian/Nicole Richie dreams come true, while ‘i hate every1’ offers an interesting dive into how social media affects us on a personal level. 

For Fans Of: Charli XCX, DeathbyRomy 

Olivia Knox

If you need a confidence boost, Olivia Knox has you covered with her debut single, ‘GORGEOUS!’ It’s an upbeat anthem about knowing your worth and the importance of self-love, and we love that Olivia is using her platform to spread such an important message. You might recognize the track from TikTok – fans already made over 2,000 videos using the song before it even came out, and Olivia’s own videos using it collected hundreds of thousands of views. She’s in tune with what her audience likes and we know her audience will grow tenfold in the coming years.

For Fans Of: Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson 


The Korean entertainment industry produces countless talented K-Pop groups, and most of the time, many groups go under the radar despite having an impeccable discography. One such group is PIXY! The six-member girl group debuted last year with a unique metaverse storyline. Portraying wingless fairies, the girls are on an adventure after being lured by an evil witch who promises them a set of wings in exchange for certain sacrifices that are revealed through their lyrics. 

With powerful rock-influenced tracks, PIXY is building a very cool image in K-Pop right now. Their visuals are dark and based in unique lore, perfect for fans who enjoy story-based music or fantasy anime and movies. They’ll transport you into their world with just a single listen!



If you’ve been on any social media in the past year, you’re probably well aware of the rise of hyperpop, the love child of pop and electronic. But you might not be aware of quannnic, one of the genre’s underdogs! Nick has already gotten hundreds of thousands of streams on Soundcloud and has such a polished sound, mixing elements of pop, rock, and hip-hop. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the future, because it’s probably brighter than our phone screens feel when we try to check Twitter in the middle of the night.

For Fans Of: glaive, Daine


With just a single song, Renao has solidified his spot as an upcoming pop frontrunner! His debut track, ‘Nobody,’ fuses pop and R&B in an addictive way as he describes his independence and focus on success. He scored over 18,500 pre-saves for the track thanks to clever TikTok teasers, and we know his creative grasp on the platform will work in his favor as he gets even bigger. There’s something effortlessly cool about his style and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

For Fans Of: MAX, Lauv 

Stacked Like Pancakes

Warped Tour alumni Stacked Like Pancakes have the ska-punk game on lock, and their latest track, ‘So Close Yet So Far’ will prove why in a single listen. It’s sleek yet quirky, describing their dreams for their music career while pushing them a whole lot closer to the stardom they hope for. If ‘So Close Yet So Far’ is any indication, they’re certainly not far from becoming alt-rock legends!

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“I went back to my ska roots with this one, and I don’t know how else to explain it besides that it feels very right. The further I got into writing ‘So Close Yet So Far,’ the more fun I had. I can’t wait to perform it live!”

Lead singer Kellen McKay

For Fans Of: Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto

The Head and the Heart

If you’re looking for a pop song put through the orchestral ringer, ‘Every Shade of Blue’ is just for you. Sounding like it’s come from the depths of a centennial-old cathedral, this song is a sure-fire shade of blue if there ever was one. In talks of promises made and love told from the past, The Head and the Heart tug at heartstrings and bring out the sappiest of emotions. It’s reminiscent of early 2010s pop as the band reminds us that there’s beauty in nostalgia and feeling down. 

‘Every Shade of Blue’ is the title track of the band’s forthcoming album out April 29th, otherwise known as a piece of work we’ll all be sobbing to with a smile!

For Fans Of: The War on Drugs, James Bay


If there’s anyone who is poised to take over the world and turn us into her hardcore henchmen, it’s UPSAHL in all her glory! The woman is a powerhouse of instrumentation and drive, and almost always stoned, she’s known for her inspiring creativity. She has a series recreating her edgy-pop music in just 60-second videos, sometimes using glass jars as percussion. And live on stage, she’s insatiable! Transitioning from instrument to instrument like trying on new clothes, she’s always on the prowl to keep an audience captivated. 

Her debut album, Lady Jesus, was long-awaited yet flawless in its arrival. Known for the quirkiness of her viral song, ‘Drugs,’ UPSAHL gives us a look into the absolute sheer pettiness one can have after a bad breakup. And boy, does she not hold back! Her most recent endeavor is a bass-driven collaboration on LLusion’s song ‘After the Tone.’ Encapsulated almost completely in sass, the track speaks of an ex’s calls going straight to voicemail and the pure unbothered nature behind it. Because, if this really was an emergency, “then why the hell you callin’ me?” 

In UPSAHL’s fruitful tour history, she’s opened up for Olivia O’Brien, PVRIS, Melanie Martinez — and soon, Yungblud later this year. What could possibly come next? Might we recommend a gig opening for Halsey

For fans of: Royal & the Serpent, Halsey, Remi Wolf


Feel like crying in the club? You’ve come to the right place! VIZE are an EDM duo that produce brooding synths and beats you can physically feel. Their newest track ‘Dancing Alone’ reels you in slowly with melancholy lyricism: “Iʼve been chasing / The wrong ends / And feeding my demons.” Before shooting us into an electronic chorus, we’re reassured that feeling low doesn’t last forever. In fact, we can make the most of it and dance alone. 

For Fans of: Zedd, Martin Garrix


You probably already know Wrabel from his work with artists like Kesha (‘Woman,’ ‘Raising Hell,’ ‘Resentment’) and Louis Tomlinson (‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’), but even if you don’t, you need to check out his solo music! He has a way with words that really makes his lyrics come to life, and a perfect example is his Laura Marano collab ‘The Worst Kind Of Hurt.’ The song appears in Laura’s movie The Royal Treatment, and with how beautifully cinematic it is, it’s a perfect placement. Excuse us while we cry over the movie and this gorgeous track!

For Fans Of: FINNEAS, Chelsea Cutler

The Future X

It’s no secret that TikTok is a gold mine for undiscovered talent, and now it’s giving us a pop supergroup! British music mogul Simon Fuller scouted seven young artists (three singers and four dancers) on TikTok to assemble The Future X, and they’ll be debuting on Columbia Records in February. We can’t wait to see how Angie Green, Drew Venegas, Jayna Hughes, Luke Brown, Maci Wood, Sasha Marie, and Tray Taylor mesh together. Their influences include Doja Cat, Frank Ocean, Billie Eilish, and Ariana Grande, so you know the results will be incredible.

“We have spent a year working in partnership with TikTok to find the best talent on their platform and I am thrilled with the resulting group. The Future X combines everything that is exciting about contemporary young artists: authenticity, confidence, empowerment, and a unique balance between extraordinary dancers and iconic singers.”

Simon Fuller


The GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter and producer Yebba is a rising sensation that you should keep an eye on! She emerged as a renowned collaborator, uniting with A-listers like Drake, Ed Sheeran, Chance the Rapper, and Mark Ronson for unforgettable tunes. Through her early YouTube success and her well-received debut album, Dawn, Yebba piqued the interest of the music world by showing her impressive range, transcending genre with nods to R&B, pop, jazz, blue-eyed soul, and more! She’s a charismatic performer and an eloquent songwriter, adept at using the perfect metaphors to tell stories and convey her emotions.

With her psychedelic rhymes, lush harmonies, and captivating vocals, Yebba has won over our hearts, and we hope you will enjoy her orchestral compositions in the future. We know this rising star will only go on to shine even brighter!

For Fans Of: Phoebe Bridgers, Elle King


Zolita is back for more after leaving fans shell-shocked with ‘Somebody I F*cked Once.’ The original music video was set in But I’m a Cheerleader form, reviving the LGBTQ+ angst of the once-cult classic. But now equipped with what she coins ‘The Extras’ — acoustic and remixed versions — it’s clear Zolita’s songs have a potent ability to light a fire no matter the delivery. Her songwriting is honest, direct and doesn’t hold back in the slightest. And that, in turn, provides an open space for many listeners to relate; it’s easy to find solace in her emotions when she’s being so transparent about it. And that’s the essence of good songwriting. 

For Fans Of: Hayley Kiyoko, Sizzy Rocket 

Who’s your favorite artist we mentioned? Is there someone we missed that you think deserves to be a household name? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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