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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Billie Eilish

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Billie Eilish

Here at THP, we love to see talented young women succeeding, and Billie Eilish is one of the best examples! With just two studio albums under her belt, Billie has turned the world into her stage and her fans. There are countless reasons you should make her one of your favorite artists, but here are five close to our hearts.

Her Unique Sound

Billie is one of the most adventurous, versatile artists out there! Between the airy synths on her debut single ‘Ocean Eyes’ (which she released at 13), the alluring trap beat on ‘you should see me in a crown,’ and the pretty vocals on her ROSALÍA collab ‘Lo Vas a Olvidar,’ there’s something in her discography for every music lover to enjoy. She and her brother, FINNEAS, are an invincible power duo when it comes to production and immersive lyrics.

How Open She Is

From the beginning of her career, Billie has been super honest about her experiences with mental health, and her vulnerability helps fans feel less alone in what they might be going through. She’s also openly discussed her struggles with being objectified by the media in her Not My Responsibility short film, which she upcycled into a spoken interlude for her Happier Than Ever album. We love that she’s never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself!

Her Visuals

Whether it’s roaming through an empty mall in ‘Therefore I Am,’ becoming a demon in ‘all the good girls go to hell,’ or crying ink in ‘when the party’s over,’ Billie always shines when it comes to visual content. She added cool, creepy elements to her videos during the When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? era, and her Happier Than Ever music videos uphold that vibe while still feeling more mature to match the album’s sound. 

Her Bold Style

Billie’s been a trendsetter since her debut, and she even got to curate a cozy Urban Outfitters collection in December 2019! She ushered in a new era of streetwear with baggy clothes earlier in her career, and after releasing Happier Than Ever, she’s gone more of a glam route with corsets and tulle. Her versatility and risk-taking are so inspiring!

How Hard She Works

During her late teens, Billie has already been named a Billboard Woman of the Year, beat the likes of Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey for Album of the Year at the GRAMMYs, and collaborated with her hero, Justin Bieber, on top of creating two stellar albums. We’re exhausted just thinking about it! It’s amazing how ambitious Billie is and how much she’s accomplished at such a young age. She certainly has a bright future ahead of her already, but there’s no doubt in our minds that she’ll find a way to make her career even more explosive. 

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Is anyone doing it like Billie Eilish? She’s constantly on the top of her game to give her fans the best music, videos, and inspiration with everything she does. We could honestly talk about Billie and her talent all day, and we’d love to fangirl with you in the comments below or on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP

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