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ATEEZ And xikers Moments We’d Love To See In The GRAMMY Museum KQ Ent Pop-Up

ATEEZ And xikers Moments We’d Love To See In The GRAMMY Museum KQ Ent Pop-Up

Yes, you read that right! The GRAMMY Museum will be honoring xikers, ATEEZ, and their label KQ Entertainment in a brand new pop-up exhibition. This will be the first in a two-year series highlighting the phenomenon of K-Pop’s global expansion!

This pop-up is so well-timed; it opens on April 10th, just before ATEEZ becomes the first male K-Pop group to perform at Coachella. ATINYs who are heading to the show and get to visit this exhibition at the same time really won at life.

The GRAMMY Museum has already revealed some of the exhibition highlights and it got us thinking – what other iconic xikers and ATEEZ moment would we like to see immortalized at the pop-up? So without further ado…


ateez group picture
Image Source: KQ Entertainment via Platform PR
Exhibition Highlights

ATINY who visit the pop-up will get to see ATEEZ’s main outfits from THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL and the iconic ‘Crazy Form’ music video, as well as some props from the music video, too!

Our Dream Moment

We’ll be honest: our immediate thought was the BREAK THE WALL ‘Cyberpunk’ stage outfits. Yeah, ATEEZ might have moved on to TOWARDS THE LIGHT, but we’re still obsessed with the BREAK THE WALL tour. Having said that, if we were to pick a prop to see IRL, we’d 100% choose the ‘ARRIBA’ stage bar (and Mingi’s Willy Wonka glasses).

But in the end, what was our final choice? Whilst we love that we can see ATEEZ’s ‘Crazy Form’ at the pop-up, we’d love to see some vintage ATEEZ highlights there too. Our minds immediately went to the truly iconic ‘Say My Name.’ And when you think of ‘Say My Name’ stages, it’s always gonna be the same one that springs to mind. Seeing these outfits IRL would be an ATINY dream come true. And lowkey we think all the stubs of overused kohl eyeliner pencils from this era should be under a spotlight in a museum, too.


xikers group picture
Image Source: KQ Entertainment via Platform PR
Exhibition Highlights

And let’s not forget their label juniors, xikers! You’ll be able to see props from their rookie days, including JUNGHOON’s outfit from their debut HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorbell Ringing. As for more recent treasures, you’ll also find the groups’ outfits from the ‘We Don’t Stop’ music video and brand new EP HOUSE OF TRICKY: Trial And Error!

Our Dream Moment

We love that the xikers highlights are from their debut all the way up to their most recent comeback! But if we’re pushed to pick a dream moment (it’s us, we’re pushing ourselves), we’d love to see some more of xikers’ live stage outfits. It’s basically a KQ requirement for all their artists to be jaw-dropping performers on stage, so we love it when they have the wardrobe to back it up, too!

Their recent tour gave us plenty to choose from, but in the end, we went with the outfits from the ‘DO or DIE’ Studio CHOOM. The fashion is as anarchic as ‘DO or DIE’ and xikers are, so it just seemed like the perfect fit!

Are you heading to GRAMMY Museum’s KQ pop-up? What would be the ATEEZ or xikers career highlights you’d love to see immortalized? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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And don’t forget to scoop your tickets to the GRAMMY Museum’s KQ Entertainment pop-up here!

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