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ATEEZ Break The Wall And Break Records On Their World Tour

ATEEZ Break The Wall And Break Records On Their World Tour

If there’s one thing 4th Gen Performance Kings ATEEZ are going to do, it’s perform. The clue is in the name, after all! We were so lucky to see ATEEZ at the London stop of their The Fellowship: Break The Wall World Tour. After having also seen them on The Fellowship: The Beginning Of The End World Tour last year, we were blown away by their growth in such a short time.

If we take it all the way back to 2019, just six months after they debuted, ATEEZ played their first London show at the O2 Kentish Forum, which has a capacity of about 2,300. Then shortly after that, concerts were put on pause for two years, but ATEEZ’s profile continued to skyrocket. Their return to London was in April 2022 with two nights at Wembley Arena, with a capacity of around 12,500 fans.

‘New World’

Now, in 2023, ATEEZ anchored on British shores again (does that count as a pirate joke?) for The Fellowship: Break The Wall World Tour. They headlined at the truly iconic O2, with a capacity of 20,000. They are the fourth K-Pop act to perform there, after BTS, SuperM, and BLACKPINK. In fact, ATEEZ are the first 4th Gen artist to ever play the venue.

If these numbers aren’t convincing you of ATEEZ’s exponential growth, then their performance certainly will. On Wednesday night, they performed hits from their back catalog as well as almost every track from THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT.

Across four outfit and set changes, ATEEZ showcased their full range to a euphoric crowd of ATINY. Aptly opening with ‘New World,’ ATEEZ transported us into the complicated world of their lore for almost three hours.

‘Sector 1’

It’s pretty fitting that one of the first songs ATEEZ perform is ‘Sector 1.’ The track tells the dystopian story of a blank gray city suddenly swallowed by neon lights. We don’t know about any dullness, but ATEEZ sure did put on one bright light show! The concert truly began with a bang as the team raced through tracks like ‘Answer’ and ‘HALA HALA.’


The second section of ATEEZ’s show sees them indulge in the brighter tracks in their discography, like ‘Illusion’ and ‘My Way.’ Complete with giant balloons being passed through the crowd (and occasionally hitting Hongjoong in the head), plus the pirate staging during ‘WIN,’ it’s probably the silliest part of the show. Although, referring to on-stage ATEEZ as silly doesn’t feel right when they’re such complete and utter perfectionists. Off-stage ATEEZ though…

We, obviously, have to give a shout-out to ‘Say My Name.’ It’s been on the setlist for four years, including every time ATEEZ have performed in London, and we doubt it will be leaving any time soon! It’s the quintessential ATEEZ track, and don’t ask us how, but we swear they’ve gotten even better at that iconic choreography.



♬ Illusion – ATEEZ


We’re pleased to confirm that ‘Cyberpunk’ live really is the life-changing moment you think it will be. We’ll truly never recover. This section of the concert is where they truly up the ante, TBH. No moment can compare to an ATINY finally getting to scream “Break the wall” at an ATEEZ concert. ATEEZ finished up the main set of The Fellowship: Break The Wall World Tour with ‘GUERRILLA,’ and is there really any other way they could’ve done it?


One of the highlights of the night was undoubtedly ATEEZ’s encore. Most of the time, and even at ATEEZ’s The Fellowship: The Beginning Of The End, artists take this opportunity to perform ballads or fan songs, which of course, can be a truly beautiful moment. However, ATEEZ know ATINY very well, and whilst we love those softer moments, they also know there’s arguably one song we wanna hear more than any other.

We got our emotional farewell with tracks like ‘Turbulence’ and ‘Celebrate,’ but then things got real. Literally. Our ATEEZ finished their setlist with ‘The Real (Heung Version)’ and the truly iconic dance break. ATINY can appreciate how ATEEZ seem to really understand exactly what we want! And from 2018 to now, no matter the size of the venue, they always deliver.

Did you see ATEEZ’s The Fellowship: Break The Wall World Tour? Are you headed to one of the remaining shows? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! Or, if that’s not your vibe, we’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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