5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan ATEEZ

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan ATEEZ

ATEEZ is a group that exudes talent. From their sync to the group dynamic, you can see that this is a group that really cares about music and performing. We personally really love them and we are going to give you 5 reasons why you should stan ATEEZ.

1. Their Leader, Hongjoong

Source: ATEEZ Official Instagram

Hongjoong has to be one of the best leaders out there. The members really love him and always are laughing and enjoying time together. He is well known for making t-shirts, shoes and other products just for fun! He is really kind and just an all-around cool person.

He also participated in a campaign called the Polished Man Campaign. To participate in this campaign, a man must paint one fingernail. This campaign is meant to spread awareness in relation to child violence. We think that’s pretty amazing of him to take part in.

2. Their Sync

Their sync is absolutely no joke. They are truly amazing. Many groups strive for this type of sync and ATEEZ definitely has matched it. You can tell they practice from sun up to sun down in order to get it just right. One example is with the Wonderland performance. This song’s choreography has many hard and swift movements. Yet, even so, they still match their steps perfectly. Their stage performance quality is hard to beat.

3. Their Vocals and Rap

Hongjoong and Mingi are known as the rappers of the group and Jongho is well known for his strong and powerful voice. Jongho’s voice is spectacular. Mingi’s raps are to die for. You really hear the passion in their raps and singing. As originally they just did dance covers, it was a shock to everyone when they started singing and rapping. Seonghwa also has an amazing voice. They just are a talented group.

4. Their Dynamic

You can always see them having fun together. There is one V-Live where they did the Whisper Challenge and it was hilarious. Their laughter, loudness and excitement is what makes them ATEEZ. They enjoy being around each other and seem like their own little family.

To see the full video of the Whisper Challenge, please check here.

5. Their Interaction With Fans

They always include the fans in everything they do and you can tell that they truly love their fans. From music shows to concerts, they always interact with fans and hype up the audience.

One example of this is when they went to Venice Beach. There was a dance cover group doing covers of ATEEZ’s songs and ATEEZ actually popped in during the performance! The funniest is when San pretended to be an old man in the audience. Just watch it. You won’t regret it.

In conclusion …

All-in-all, ATEEZ is a talented group with much charisma and charm. They love their fans, love themselves and love each other. What more could you ask for? Can you think of even more reasons to stan? Comment below and tell us why YOU are Atiny. Or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: ATEEZ Official Instagram

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Rachel Scott
1 year ago

I have finally found a Kpop group to get behind, lol

Christina Miller
Christina Miller
1 year ago

Ateez are so hardworking but also loveable with amazing personalities. They’re comeback is in just a few days on the 29th of July! Please check it out and support it. ❤️


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Harvir Kaur
Harvir Kaur
10 months ago

I am an ATINY and an ARMY too and I’ll always be💜


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